Drama Club Starts Up with “Mouse that Roared”

Rachel Menard

  The crowd will definitely make some noise when the ever-fabulous Walpole Players hit the stage once again this fall for this year’s production, Leonard Wibberley’s “The Mouse That Roared”. Starring in this years production is a outstanding mix of veterans and newcomers who make up a fantastic cast of twenty three main characters, plus extras. 

  The story unfolds in the infinitesimal little country of Grand Fenwick, only three by five miles in size, where there is much strife about the now failing economy. The major export of the tiny country is “Pinot Grand Fenwick” wine, which is chiefly exported to the United States and makes up the net income of Grand Fenwick. An economic crisis ensues when the United States begins to produce “Grand Enwick” wine and undermines the economy of Fenwick. 

  To solve the problem, Grand Fenwick’s Princess Gloriana, played by senior Jenn Herrmann, makes an extreme decision: start a war with the United States. Jenn said “[she] can relate to her because I know all about decisions to be made complicated love interests.” With some crazy reasoning and faulty strategy, Fenwick successfully declares war on the United States. The reasoning behind the attack is to gain the compensation money after inevitably losing the war. Sadly the plan goes horribly wrong when Grand Fenwick accidentally wins the war, and is left with the question, what does one do with ultimate power over the most influential country in the world? While students may have a hard time relating to the play, they will definitely understand and appreciate the humor of it. 

  With the attack on the US strategized by Count Mountjoy, played by Luke Young, and and led by Tully Bascom, played by Isaac Parsons, this comical cold war satire should be a laugh riot because of the ridiculous nature of Grand Fenwick’s war attempt. This year’s program is wrought with fresh pizzaz that was not present in last year’s production. A flood of new freshmen have joined and brought new talent into the club. Other new members of the drama club include Tim Roberts, Kyle Ryan, and Kelly Newman. 

   Senior Jenn Herrmann said “the play is hysterical, and [the production] is going to be stellar this year.”   With new talent and an interesting new production, the fall play is expected to be a great start for drama club this year. Performances will be on Friday December 12 and Saturday December 13th; both at 7:30 in the evening. General admission tickets are $8 and Students and Senior Citizens are $7. Tickets can only be bought at the door the night of the production.