Adam’s Farm provides music and fun for Walpole


A young musician competes in The Battle of the Bands at Adam’s Farm Field Day.

Aurora Hebner

A young musician competes in The Battle of the Bands at Adam's Farm Field Day.

The Adam’s Farm Field Day certainly attracts a particular kind of crowd. On Saturday September 15, young families and music-loving teens gathered in the otherwise desolate Adam’s Farm for the annual day of games, music, food and fun.

Most teenagers remember the Adam’s Farm Field Day as an event they were brought to when they were young; however, the stage filled with young local bands is what brings the flood of teenagers back to the yearly function.  The audience truly enjoys watching the familiar faces duke it out in the Battle of the Bands.  Audience member Brien Gillis said “The music is the best part! Seeing local bands is great!”  Among the musical bunch was Walpole High School senior Brandon Chin who played with his band Cloud Nine at this year’s field day.  Chin said “Adam’s Farm is really good exposure for the bands and it’s always fun!”  Along with Chin, bands such as Red Fox Motel, Downdraft and solo artist Maria Earabino performed on Saturday.  Probably the most well-known of the musicians, Walpole High junior Maria Earabino sang four songs from her new extended play, including “Heartbreaker,” “City Lights,” “History Tonight,” and “Less Like Me.” Her charisma and incredible talent at the microphone and on the guitar earned Earabino the grand prize of three hundred dollars. After two years of placing second in the competition, Maria said “winning felt amazing, I guess the third time really is the charm.”
Apart from the music, there are activities for children of all ages set up around the field.  From moon-bounces to pumpkin painting to hay rides, Adam’s Farm provides entertainment for everyone. The field day also arranged a martial arts tent for people to try their best at splitting a piece of wood with a sword. What seemed to attract most children was the speedy train ride around the field.  Alex Marcinkowski, a three-year Adam’s Farm goer, said “the field day provides a good environment for kids,” and expressed that his favorite part is the atmosphere, adding, “really nice, really nice.”  Even adults can find their revelry at Adam’s Farm in the car show and food choices that appeal to everyone.
The Commonwealth Dance Academy and Walpole High School’s National Honor’s Society came together to run the booths at the field day.  Commonwealth dancer Catherine Murphy helped out at CDA’s table for tattoos and nail-painting; Murphy said “interacting with the little kids is so fun, I can’t wait to help out again next year.”  NHS member Erin Richardson ran the cotton candy machine on Saturday and said “I loved it, working in that environment was so enjoyable.”
National Honor’s Society member, senior Amber Walsh, summed up Adam’s Farm Field Day in the best way possible: “the music was great, the air was hot and the moon-bounces were bouncing.”  Adam’s Farm Field Day is truly underrated; what better way is there to spend an autumn day than in a diverse environment with your family and friends? Be sure to join in on the fun when the Field Day comes around next September.