Mr. WHS Expectations and Predictions


Peter Hoegler

A Mr. WHS participant poses for photo.

For this year’s annual Mr. WHS competition, I will share my insight on this year’s event: predicting the acts, criticizing the music choices, and analyzing the outcome. I decided to fit the field of senior boys into three categories—Crowd Pleaser (boy with the most promising act), Super Sleeper (unexpected winner), and of course, Winner. The contestants include Alex Marcinkowski, Kemble Lindh, Connor McCarthy, Ryan Erwin, Caleb Cofsky, Jackie Gately, Chris Nash, and Harvest Perez. Students are encouraged to attend the annual night of fun on Wednesday, October 3. Tickets will be sold at the door for five dollars.

Crowd Pleaser: Connor McCarthy

McCarthy, who is known as the outside-mid on the soccer team, the track star, and the Student Council Treasurer at Walpole High, has an unexpected talent that could win him this year’s competition—Irish step dancing. Connor has been dancing since he was four; and at one point, was ranked in the top 10 in the country for his proficiency in Irish step. However, McCarthy quit in eighth grade to focus on soccer and track—the sports he is more interested in. Nevertheless, McCarthy still has his Irish step shoes in the back of the closet and has not lost any of his ability to dance.

Super Sleeper: Jackie Gately

Gately, recognized as one of the best actors in the school, is my dark horse to win the Mr. WHS competition. Nominated twice for best actor in the film festival, Gately understands exactly how to convince an audience to appreciate his character. Although the talent that he is showcasing has been marked as “undisclosed,” there is no doubt in my mind that his performance will be legendary. Moreover, Gately’s rib-tickling personality could win him the encouragement of the judges, and ultimately, the crown itself.

Winner: Caleb Cofsky

Cofsky, who plays center-mid on the soccer team, captains the wrestling team, and ranks in the top-five of his class, is the favorite to win this year’s Mr. WHS competition with his guitar and hilarious personality. Caleb participates in the school’s chorus and also performs unaccompanied in local fundraisers and music shows. However, his aptitude in music is not going to win him this competition, but his charm and humor will. Cofsky may come across to a stranger as a bit weird and immature, but his ability to indulge the crowd with jokes and comical remarks is exactly what the judges are looking for. I expect Cofsky to win the 2012 Mr. WHS competition.