Eighth Graders Anticipate Freshman Year

Kathryn Russo


Nervousness, excitement, curiosity- these were the feelings characterizing most of the 200 eighth graders who attended the Walpole High School open house on December 2, 2009. The main goal of this presentation was to portray the high school as a fun place to learn and establish long lasting relationships.

This two hour presentation packed a lot of information into a very short amount of time. National Honors Society tour guides broke the eighth graders and their parents into groups to tour the school. These groups visited every wing- art, English, math, foreign language, history, science- to explore the curriculum of certain classes and get a feel for what high school life is like. Interestingly, there were no teachers present to promote the school and their classes. Instead, juniors and seniors volunteered their time to talk about their experience at the high school and show off what they have learned in specific subjects. The eighth graders not only learned about core classes like science, math, English, and history, but they also got a taste of electives such as journalism, art, and T.V. production.

Thanks to the National Honors Society, Assistant Principals Stephen Imbusch and Ed Connor, Principal Alan Berstein, and student volunteers this night was a success. Overall many of the current eighth graders now know a lot more information about the high school and how it works.