Pep Rally Prepares Football Team for Game Against Norwood


Students had the opportunity to joust teachers during the Pep Rally

Dana Morrone

Students had the opportunity to joust teachers during the Pep Rally

Humorous relay races, pie and doughnut eating contests, teacher vs. student jousts, and many tugs-o-war were all activities that brought school spirit at this year’s Pep Rally. In preparation for Saturday’s Norwood vs. Walpole football game, students and faculty were united together to flaunt their love for their very own Walpole High school on Friday, October 5.

“I’m really excited” said senior and student council member Micaela Barry. “I know that there are a lot of fun events planned so I think it will be a good time.”  Ms. Mcmenimen, head of student council, was responsible for organizing and hosting the event. To help Ms. Mac host and crown winners, the new Mr. WHS, Jack Gately was alongside her during the event. After a few short announcements, the event began with the band playing the National Anthem. Shortly after, the varsity cheerleaders preformed their half time routine on the field.

Next up were two rounds of relay races. First on the field were the fall sports teams. Members of the teams, including cheerleading, football, volleyball, cross country, and field hockey were ready to compete. To begin the race, two members had to ‘wheelbarrel’ one another to the fifty yard line. That is, when one person holds anothers legs, and the person on the ground (who has no use of their feet) must use their hands to travel quickly across the field. With a roll of toilet paper in their mouth, the teammates raced to the fifty yard line. When the got there, they had to use the toilet paper to wrap a teammate up completely. Afterward, that ‘mummifed’ student had to jump wrapped up in toilet paper and a potato sack across the field. After, they tagged the last two teammates who had to piggy-back each other to the finish line. During the first round, the cheerleading team took the winning title. In the second round, which were clubs and activities, the swim team took first place, but were closely followed by the TV crew and the Journalism students.

After relay races was an annual favorite for students. Tug-o-war began with four year groups. Juniors and seniors were split up into four groups, and competed against each other. Senior Elias Mbogga took the position as the anchor for his senior team, in competition against the juniors. After only a short moment of a power struggle, the seniors were cheering as they defeated the younger class.

Doughnut and pie eating contests were also a crowd favorite. Students laughed along as participants had to try and eat a suspended doughnut with just their mouths, and without any use of their hands. Junior Trevor Brown proudly took the title as winner in this contest. Soon after, senior Harvest Perez won the pie eating contest.

To finish up the rally, there were student vs. teacher jousts. Students who wished to fight with teachers in a blow-up ring were told to put their names in a drawing at lunch. These names were picked from a hat at the event. Junior Tom Helm took down Mr. Szymanski in a short-lived battle. Mrs. Bacon took down senior Christine Saad in their fight. Senior Gary DeVincentis quickly dominated Mr. O’Malley in a tough joust. In a humorous (and somewhat vicious) joust between Mrs. Pierce and junior Ross Doty, a winner was declared only after a long battle between the two in the ring which ended with Ross as the winner. To finish off the event, junior PJ Fuller took down Mr. St. Martin after a long fight.

“It was great!” said senior Cassidy Peterson after attending the pep rally. “It definitely was a success. Afterwards, it made me want to attend the football game on Saturday, which I wasn’t even planning on doing.”

The hot sun, loud cheers, and glorious winners were surely great evidence of student council’s ideal pep rally. Perhaps the great Walpole High School spirit at the Pep Rally was a result of huge win over our Norwood rivals, with an ending score of 44-0.