Amanda Condon Joins the WHS Special Education Department


Ms. Condon poses for a picture in her classroom.

Brianna Conley

Ms. Condon poses for a picture in her classroom.

As the new school year begins, students anxiously await the first day especially freshman becuase the first day in a new school is always intimidating.   New teachers can also experience these feelings however, Amanda Condon seems to be fitting in along with many other new teachers at Walpole High School.

Ms. Condon is the newest teacher to the career and education department. Ms. Condon previously  taught at the League School, also in Walpole, as well as in the Mendon-Upton school district for a few years. At both schools, Ms. Condon has worked with autistic students. She continues to work with other students with special needs, teaching them a combination of both academics and life skills. The academics are basic- math, english, history, science etc. The life skills deal more with interaction, cooking and some vocational skills.  Her class now consists of  ten students in the Career Ed. Department, and she is already well liked by her peers and students in the first few weeks of the school year.
Shockingly, Ms. Condon became a teacher by accident. Growing up in Cumberland, Rhode Island, she never saw herself as a teacher. Originally, Ms. Condon was attending college for criminal justice. In one of the classes Ms. Condon took, she had an assignment that consisted helping out at a local school. She she enjoyed the assignment very much and  fell in love with teaching and working with students. Ms. Condon changed her major and became a teacher.
After graduating with a teaching degree, Ms Condon was drawn to the Walpole school system because of its great reputation. Ms. Condon is thankful for the other staff members in the Special Ed. Department. Ms. Condon said that without them the experience would not have gone so smoothly and her peers made the experience a lot easier and less stressful. The environment has been very welcoming and supportive and she has enjoyed her time here so far.