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Gina Conti

Massachusetts is one of the best running states in the country.  Every year the competition becomes more and more competitive with runners cracking state records.  With the help of the technology in the track and field and cross country world coaches and athletes watch the progression in their team and other teams in the state.  With websites such as,, and, event times and school records will not be hidden.  These websites show meet coverage throughout the nation as well as town, league, state, and country statistics.

MileSplit is the nation’s premier network for high school track and field and cross country. The state portals feed content into a national database allowing the network to provide an unprecedented depth of coverage on the national level as well. MileSplit is the only online publisher in the sport with the tools to provide a high level of timely and comprehensive nationwide coverage. Mile Split was founded in 2000 then by a college sophomore Jason Byrne. The website has continued to grow over the years with Don Rich and Fred Finke added to corporate team in 2004. Designed around powerful proprietary database software that unities all of the important aspects of covering the sport results, rankings, articles, videos, pictures, pod casts, statistics and much more.

Mile Split Mass is one of the top websites used in Massachusetts. The website creates a colorful and creative atmosphere with new articles and updates every day.  The most common articles and videos are Workouts of the Week, Alumni Reports, Marathon Sports Presents: Athlete’s of the Week, Weekend Recaps, The Exchange Zone XC, The Z-Cap Weekend Video Recap, Coaches Poll, Mass Girls and Boys Rankings, and News and Notes.  The Workouts of the Week seem to be popular to the local towns to share a workout of the week to Mile Split.  In the first week of October the Whitman Hanson girls varsity team created to workout of the week with Coach Rooney.  The Bishop Feehan team won the workout of the week for the week of October 10.  The Athletes of the week are specifically chosen by Marathon Sports who they think has shown effort and phenomenal times throughout the week.  The Exchange Zone video was created in 2012 with Weymouth Coach Miller, and Pembroke Coach Zopatti, discussing the latest news and upcoming events and favorite picks for approaching meets.

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The Massachusetts girls and boys rankings are updated every week to determine the top 100 athletes in the state.  For the second ranking of the cross country season, Peabody senior Caterina Roach is unstoppable in the state with a time of 17:40.20.  Saint John’s senior Jonathan Green leads the state with a 15:29.00.

One of the most popular sites on the network is the match up.  The match up lets you compare two athletes at a time, and giving you the result of who the faster athlete is.  In addition, the match up allows you to search for the athletes and provides you with head to head duels in a race with the other competitor.  The network also holds event records and qualifying standards from previous and upcoming years.  Some event records are still held from highly elite athletes from the early 2000s.  Along with the posts of upcoming meets and meet coverage, Mile Split also informs the users of college commitments of the elite runners in the state.

Mile Split is deep with the cross country history with dates reaching as the early 1900s.  The history of cross country began in 1911 with the “Mystic Valley Cross Country Run for Schools.”  In 1992 Boston held the Cross Country World Championships at Franklin Park with Massachusetts winner Lynn Jennings from Bromfield.  Marbelhead’s Shalane Flanagan set the 5k course record at Franklin Park in 1999 with a time of 17:08.Today, the record is still held by Flanagan today.

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In addition to Mile Split Mass, also shares a common network with coverage and statistics.  Athletic is not a website with articles and videos, but holds team records, and event records for youth clubs, middle school’s, high schools, and collegiate levels around America.  The website offers a different angle towards team records and individual performances.

The search bar allows you to research an athlete or team and read all of their times since they began the sport.  Every race is recorded here around the nation.  You can find an athletes best marks, and coaches always update all reports across the source.  There are also additional features available to sight supporters, such as photo albums, additional team reports and meet host reporters.  You can view records by team or athlete, lifetime athlete profiles, and can also view standards  at your district, division, state, or national levels.  This provides an opportunity to compare marks with other athletes.  Many coaches find the website as a huge motivator for an athletes improvement, and hard work.  This is a great website for track and cross country runners to get scholarship opportunities. All you have to do is give the college the website to look up your statistics.  Throughout the years it is neat to easily compare athletes times with other athletes across the state and monitor their improvements.

Massachusetts State Track Coaches is designated only for results in the Massachusetts state meets.  MSTCA offers results for Cross Country, Indoor Track, and Outdoor Track.  The website offers results from previous years up until 2008.  The website offers minimal results on everyday dual races.  Although the website is small, they share Coaches Hall of Fame and Coach of the Year Nominations, as well as the Robert McIntyre Scholarship.  The network does provide picture gallery’s with the help of Big Race Photo.  Although the website is not the most commonly used, the results are up within hours of the races.

The technology used to program the Cross Country, and Track life has advanced since day one.  Mile Split, Athletic, and MSTCA has updates daily to keep the elite athletes and coaches informed with day to day activity.  With these successful networks, the track and cross country sport will grow year to year with interests around the nation.