The Caroline E. Sharon Scholarship is Added to WHS


The class of 2013 will benefit from the Caroline E. Sharon Scholarship at graduation this coming June.

Aurora Hebner

The class of 2013 will benefit from the Caroline E. Sharon Scholarship at graduation this coming June.


A great part of Walpole High School’s annual graduation consists of the presentation of scholarships. In past years, seniors heading off to college have received scholarships such as the Henry David Thoreau Scholarship, the Coca-Cola Scholarship, and the Walmart Scholarship. At this year’s celebration for the graduates of 2013, though, a new scholarship will be presented: the Caroline E. Sharon Scholarship, an allotment of money given to a chosen student preparing to enter the health field in a technical, vocational or academic program.

Caroline E. Sharon was a student of Walpole High School in the 1930s who started from nothing and became everything she ever dreamed of. After achieving greatness throughout her life, Sharon stated in her will to dedicate ten percent of her savings to Walpole High School in order to establish her scholarship. When principal Stephen Imbusch was told about Caroline’s choice of donation, all he had on record about her was her transcript. Imbusch said, “reading Caroline’s transcript told me nothing except that she was a good student, learning about her amazing life is what really intrigued me. I’m honored that such a remarkable woman would donate to our school.”

Sharon worked various odd jobs starting at the age of ten in order to pay her way through a higher education. She eventually saved enough money and was recognized and supported by Walpole High and the University of Maine through scholarships to achieve her goal of attending said university where she participated in hockey, soccer, basketball and volleyball. Through her athletic involvement at the school, Sharon received the Maine Seal: the highest athletic award. Along with these extracurricular activities, Caroline was president of the Phi Mu Fraternity and the Psychology Club.

After graduating from the University of Maine and taking evening classes at Boston University, Caroline was accepted for officer candidate school of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps. After eleven years of many different locations and positions in the army and air force, Caroline resigned and moved to Chicago, Illinois to be with her husband. In Chicago, she began a career with the National Society for Crippled Children and Adults, where she remained for thirteen years while also going to school part-time to receive her M.B.A. from the University of Chicago. This new educational success led Caroline to the Dental Division of the U.S. Public Health Service in Maryland, where she provided assistance for the international fluoridation of drinking water. Her work for fluoridation granted her the fortunes the following awards: Division of Dentistry Certificate of Appreciation, Public Health Service Special Recognition Award, Public Health Service Appreciation Award, and Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors Distinguished Service Award.

Not even retirement could stop Caroline from helping her community. Upon retirement, she began volunteer work with the Women’s Art Committee of George Mason University in the Washington area, pursued her hobby of family genealogy, and traveled the world.

In 1990, Sharon was inducted into the Walpole High School Hall of Fame for her work in science and health. Caroline E. Sharon is an inspiration to all. Her story proves that one can achieve anything they set their mind to, and whichever 2013 graduate receives her scholarship (for an unknown amount of money at this time) should be honored to be associated with such a notable woman.