Walpole High students enter We Are All Blood Brothers contest


Andrea Lee

Singer Ingrid Michaelson recently teamed up with the VH1 Save The Music Foundation for the We Are All Blood Brothers Contest. Contestants would perform a cover of the song and enter it before the deadline, October 15th, and upon approval of the video content, could vote for the video on the contest page.

Walpole High senior Ali Ajemian decided to enter the contest, in part because of her love for the singer but also for the prizes that the winner’s school will get. Not only will the school receive a new piano, but Michaelson herself will come to the school and perform.

Ajemian created a music video that was filmed and edited by junior Hannah Mullen and is now on the contest page. The video features vocals by sophomore Kayla Mcbrien, junior Nikki Mich, and seniors Becky Chariton and Caleb Cofsky. Even all the instrumentals were recorded from Walpole High students: Ajemian played the ukelele, guitar, and drums; Cofsky played mandolin; and junior Andrew Hazerjian played bass, piano, and cello.

Voting will go on until November 1st, when the top 10 videos with the most votes will go through to the next round. After that, Michaelson herself will look at the videos and pick the winner. To watch Walpole High’s video and vote, visit the website below; students can vote more than once.