Volleyball Beats Framingham to Qualify for Tournament


Walpole prepares to defend against a hit.

Stephanie Sem

Walpole prepares to defend against a hit.
Walpole prepares to defend against a hit.


Rebels Volleyball started off the season with a win, but then they entered a slump where they lost three games in a row.  After this, they went on a seven game winning streak.  Only one game separated them from a spot in the state tournament.  They faced that challenge on October 16, in a game against Framingham. Walpole already had eight wins and was hoping to secure their place in tournament.  This was accomplished in three inconsistent matches, largely due to their 24 aces.

As the first game began, it became clear that Framingham was not at the same level as Walpole.  The Rebels’ offense was unstoppable, with almost every hit giving Walpole a point.  Framingham’s hits were stopped by the Walpole defense, lead by senior Captain Lauren Bodin.  Framingham could hardly earn a point with the Rebels putting power behind their serves and making minimal errors.  Walpole’s skill and collaboration as a team lead them to winning the first match 25 to 9.

The Rebels came into the second game with enough confidence to switch up the players’ lineup a little, which lead to be a not so great idea.  The Rebels were not ready for the score to get close, causing them to panic and make many unforced errors.  At one point the score was 18-15 and Walpole was losing, forcing them to fight if they wanted to win.  Walpole battled back with kills and aces, winning the second match 26 to 24.

The Rebels decided to go back to the lineup of their first game; however, Framingham had momentum from the second match, so Walpole had to work harder then they did in the first game for the win.  Both teams put up a fight with the score going back and forth.  Sophomore Summer King helped Walpole pull ahead with many kills and blocks and junior Tori Webber’s strong playing on defense, along with her perfect serving, stopped Framingham from regaining a lead.  Walpole’s determination to end the match and secure a spot in tournament drove them to work for the win of 25 to 17.

Although the Rebels are now in tournament after beating Framingham 3 to 0, it does not mean their drive to win more games in the regular season is gone.  They still have five games left to prepare for and having a high record could give them home court advantage in their first tournament game.  Bodin said, “It feels great to be in tournament at this point in the season, but we still have some work to do if we want to make it far in post season.”  It will take hard work and determination from every player for the Rebels to win as many games as possible before their season comes to an end.