Rebels Volleyball Battles Braintree for High Seed in Post Season


Walpole player serves the ball.

Stephanie Sem

Walpole player serves the ball.
Walpole player serves the ball.


Although Walpole Volleyball has already made tournament, they are still competing for a high seeding in the post season. The girls are right on the border between the higher half of the teams and the lower half, along withBraintree, who they are playing at Elm Street School on Wednesday, October 31, for their senior night.

As of right now, the Rebels are the 6th seed out of the 12 seeds in post season. The teams in seeds 1 through 4 get byes for the first round so if the Rebels can hold the seeding that they have now, they will most likely have a home game and play a less talented team. However, if they are defeated by Braintree, they have a much greater chance on an away game and playing a tougher team, because the teams’ records in seeds five through nine are only separated by one or two wins.

Along with the game against Braintree being a deciding factor in the Walpole’s post season, it is also senior night, which makes the stakes even higher, seeing as no senior wants their last home game to end in a loss. There are seven seniors on the team and six of them have been on the team for two years or more, making them very valuable players in the game. The skills the players have learned over the years and having experience playing together will help contribute to in their fight on the court against Braintree.

A win over Braintree would strengthen Walpole’s position for a post season bye, by tying Dartmouth’s 12 and 3 record, at the fourth seed.  If the Rebels could finish the season with two wins in their final two games against Braintree and Norton, combined with a Dartmouth loss, it would launch the team into a deadlock and create a tie breaking scenario.  Which in this case is a coin flip, giving them a fifty fifty chance of recieving a bye for the first round.

With the teams being so close in standings, the Rebels cannot count the game as a definite win. It is sure to be an intense and exciting competition between two very talented teams. This game will take place at Elm Street School on Wednesday, October 31, for anyone who wants to show their Rebel pride and support Walpole Volleyball.