Junior and Senior Girls Gear Up for Annual Powder Puff Game


This year’s seniors hope to go two-for-two in their high school Powder Puff careers.

Aurora Hebner

This year's seniors hope to go two-for-two in their high school Powder Puff careers.

While devouring turkey and stuffing, most families nationwide are tuned into the same thing on television: football. Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be the same without watching grown men toss the pig-skin around a field. However, Walpolians don’t have to wait until that fourth Thursday of November because at  the Norfolk Forekicks on Wednesday, November 21, senior and junior girls of Walpole High School will be competing at America’s favorite pastime for the title of the Powder Puff Champions of 2012.

One of the seniors’ most anticipated player is definitely Samantha McChesney, best known for her ruthless defensive skills during last year’s game.  McChesney is confident in her teammates Michaela Tosone and Jenelle Caskie to bring the seniors to victory once again.  McChesney said, “Could we be first class to win two years in a row? I think we can do it.” The undefeated class of 2013 will be led by coaches Mr. Michael Alan and senior Rebel football captains Mike Rando, Ricky Ordway, Cam Hanley and Steve Thulin.  Rando said, “We are going to have to keep an eye on [juniors] Brooke Matherson and Bri Doherty but I think we have the personnel to defeat them.”

Hoping to lead first-time Powder Puff adversaries, the class of 2014, to triumph is Mr. Conor Cashman, along with junior football players Will Bolster and Connor Moriarty.  Expected to carry the junior team are Brooke Matherson and Remy Love.  Love said, “Seeing as the class of 2013 beat the seniors last year, this is going to be tough, but I think we have a chance.”

The senior and junior rosters are posted in the English wing outside of Ms. Mac’s room. In order to participate in this year’s Powder Puff game, girls must turn in permission slips and ten dollars for t-shirts to Ms. Mac and attend practices prior to the final game.  Will the class of 2013 prove themselves to be flawless Powder Puff competitors or will the juniors put the seniors to shame? Only Wednesday’s game will tell.