“Skyfall” Changes Bond’s Persona


Megan Peterson

"Skyfall" Introduces an Entirely Different Bond to Fans of the 007 Series.

“Skyfall,”  the most recent  movie in the series of James Bond stories, was released into theaters on November 9th, 2012. Directed by Sam Mendes, this movie shows a different side of Bond that may change his image for future generations.  The usual sly and sensual Bond has become old and emotionally corrupt. He begins to question his relationship with long time boss M (Judi Dench) as she makes some less than desirable decisions. Interestingly enough, this new side of Bond may be what was needed to revive the Bond movies.  However, this new Bond style should not be fully adopted by all future Bond directors.

“Skyfall” is a nice reminder of the greatness of the Bond movies after the let down of “Quantum Solace.”  The movie begins with the always exciting chase scene.  This time, however, it varies from roof top to motorcycle  to running on the top of a train.  During the train scene, Bond is surprisingly shot by his fellow operative (Naomie Harris) after she was ordered by M to take the shot, and he sinks into the sea.  However, the visual creativity of this movie is first seen in the opening credits that follow the chase scene.  Adele’s song “Skyfall’ mixed with the fiery pictures of Bond as viewers sink into his blue eyes start the movie off with a bang. The question of whether or not they really did kill Bond in the first scene is answered just after the opening credits, as he is seen on an island drinking away his doubts about M.  He is brought back to London when MI6 is blown to pieces and someone is threatening to to reveal the identities of MI6 agents.

One downfall of this movie is the delay in introducing one of the best Bond villains ever.  Sadly, he does not make an appearance until about a hour and twenty minutes into the movie. Silva (Javier Bradem) is an emotionally unstable former MI6 agent looking for his revenge against M, as he believes she does not truly care about any of her agents. He uses the threat of revealing the names of agents undercover in terrorist cells to draw M and Bond into his trap. Silva’s madman-like qualities and generally creepy appearance reminds viewers of characters like the Joker from the “Dark Night.”

Although “Skyfall” definitely stood out amongst the recent Bond movies, the immense changes in Bond’s character threw viewers for a loop.  The unexpected alterations brought life back into the movie, but few Bond followers would wish for 007 to become an entirely new man. “Skyfall” may have captured viewers’ attention, but the disappearance of the old Bond is not widely accepted.