Senior Superlatives: Who’s in the Running?


Dana Morrone

Last year’s humorous superlatives included Most Likely to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse and Most Likely to Be Caught Using Their Cell Phone.

It’s that time of year again, Walpole High. Seniors are preparing for their end of their high school careers. Yearbooks are currently being fabricated, which means that students have been voting for superlatives. Among the usual categories are newly added superlatives over the past few years that always raise conversation: Everyone’s Secret Crush, Best Tweeter, and Least Common Sense. In this article, I will be posting my own opinions based on my four years with this class, and somewhat by the chatter that I hear passing through the hall  about who is in the running for some of this years superlatives.

1. Most Likely to Succeed:

Male: Jungbin Lim. Based on his high rank in the class, Jungbin seems to succeed in every class and activity that he participates in. AP classes, his ability to fluently speak Korean, Global Studies, Poetry Reading- the list keeps growing. He is a strong contender for Most Likely to Succeed in the Male Category.

Female: Vandana Apte. Being the Valedictorian for the Class of 2013, Vandana never disappoints in her high position. Her continual gold star performance is makes Vandana a great choice for Most Likely to Succeed.

2. Best Tweeter:

Male: Alex Marcinkowski. Runner-up for Mr. WHS, Spongebob lover, and humorous jokester. Alex is known for his great ability to make anyone laugh. A recent tweet by Alex: “Giant army soldiers $.19, keychain squirt gun $.49, and jolly ranchers $.99 …good day at the most vile place ever…building 19.” It will come as a shock if Alex doesn’t take the title for Best Tweeter in the Male category.

Female: Jess McNamara. Tweets under her clever username ‘YaJessDontGetIt’ get the most virtual laughs (Favorites/Gold Stars) when they involve humorous predicaments Jess faces in her daily life. One of her recent tweets: “Every time I see anything remotely related to 500 Days of Summer I almost cry, if you were wondering how my current emotional stability is.” Jess’s great sense of humor will most likely win her Best Tweeter for the female category.

3. Most Likely to Grow Old Together:

Males: Richie Breen and Gary DeVincentis. There is something seriously wrong if either Richie or Gary are without one another around school. Any trouble they get themselves into, they get into together. Any school events they attend, they attend together. The dynamic duo are sure to sweep the majority vote for the male category of Most Likely to Grow Old Together.

Females: Mary Reedy and Maddy Shea. Friends since elementary school, Mary and Maddy have been the top choice for Most Likely to Grow Old Together in the female category. Their loyalty together as best friends for so many years has most likely given them the majority vote.

4. Class Flirt

Male: Harvest Perez. For as long as anyone in our grade can recall, Harvest has been a ‘ladies man’ with his humble personality and physical appearance. Harvest has the favorable ability to talk to just about anyone he so chooses. His well known reputation will outweigh any other contenders for the male category of Class Flirt.

Female: Christine Saad. Christine’s sweet personality and great social skills put her on top for the majority vote of female Class Flirt.

5. Strongest

Male: Ricky Ordway. It is not hard to notice that Ricky is the strongest of the males in the senior class. His broad shoulders and large build allow him to lift more weight than any of his competitors. No surprises will come if Ricky wins Strongest in the male category.

Female: Sam McChesney. Sam has been an athlete for many years. Her physical strength surely outweighs any other female in the senior class. For the past two years, Sam has lead her team in the annual Powder Puff Game, illustrating her ability to easily score touchdowns. Sam is on top of the game when it comes to the Strongest female category.

6. Most Musical

Male: Caleb Cofsky. Caleb has been singing and playing the guitar from a very young age. He first exposed the musical side of himself at a talent show in middle school with his cousin, Seana Cofsky. Because of his love for music, Caleb began an annual school event, The Coffee House. This event allows students to preform in front of class mate, family, and friends. Most chatter about Most Musical for the male category has been in favor of Caleb.

Female: Ali Ajemian. With her ability to play four instruments flawlessly- the guitar, ukulele, cello, and drums, (and currently learning how to play the didgeridoo, an Australian instrument) Ali has surely got the vote for most musical. She recently was part of a musical video contest at Walpole High, We are all Blood Brothers, which won third place. The group won 25 songbooks and a Yamaha F-Series guitar signed by Ingrid Michaelson. Ali’s musical skills have surely given her Most Musical in the female category.

7. Most Likely to be Famous

Male: Jack Gately. Both in and outside of school, Jack has been involved in drama, Film Festival, and  school plays. He is very talented and has a great sense of humor. Jack won this year’s 2012 Mr. WHS by captivating the crowd with laughs during his ribbon dance. He has the true quality of a star, which puts Jack in the lead for Most Likely to Succeed in themale category.

Female: Becky Chariton. As one of our morning news anchors at the high school, Becky is known school-wide. Her infectious friendliness and ability to strike up conversation with anyone is a very admirable quality. Becky also is involved in the drama club, usually with lead parts. She is likely to take the cake for Most Likely to be Famous in the female category.

As previously stated, the above candidates are simply an individual opinion. No results of the superlatives have been released yet. Not much has been mentioned about candidates for Most Changed Since Freshman year, Everyone’s Secret Crush, Best Hair, Class Clown, and a few more. Ms. Gould, English teacher and leader of the Yearbook Club, will be announcing winners shortly.