WYBA High School Rec League Power Rankings Week 2

WYBA High School Rec League Power Rankings Week 2

Jake Moser

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1. Nets (3-0, last ranking: #1)-

The Croak-and-Murray coaching combo is paying off so far this season, winning both games this weekend against the Sonics and Rockets by large margins.  Star players Jimmy Smith Jr. and Colin Murray continue to play well, and the young rookies like Nate Porack and Joe Smith continue to excel.  This weekend the Nets take on the Nuggets (1-2) and the Wizards (3-0).

2. 76ers (3-0, last ranking: #4)-

Pete Mirabile’s 76ers surprised many around the League, winning both games last weekend against the Magic and the Lakers.  Led by David Driscoll and Jack Lavanchy, the 76ers have proven themselves worthy of recognition at this point.  Lets see if the Sixers can continue their success when they face off against the Knicks (1-2) and the Celtics (1-2).

3. Wizards (3-0, last ranking: #5)-

After defeating the Nuggets and the Knicks, the Wizards improved to 3-0.  Led by studs Drew Stanton and Zack Rogers, the undefeated Wizards have shown that they are more than capable of dominating the competition.  They have a challenge ahead of them this weekend; however, when they take on the Celtics (1-2) and the Nets (3-0).

4. Lakers (1-2, last ranking: #2)-

The Lakers took a bit of a stumble this weekend, despite the efforts of Mike Rando, possibly the best player in the league.  The Lakers dropped both games this weekend to the Celtics and the 76ers.  One might make the case that Sunday’s loss to the 76ers should not count against them, seeing as they only had four players; however, this can be seen as a lack of commitment by some.  Their next games are against the Spurs (2-1) and the Sonics (1-2).

5. Spurs (2-1, last ranking: #10)-

The only team in the league with a 2-1 record, the Spurs had a total turnaround this weekend, winning both their games against the Mavericks and the Magic.  The major reason for the rebound would have to be Mike Cabral, who after a dismal showing the first weekend, scored the majority of his team’s points this past weekend.  They play the Lakers (1-2) and the Knicks (1-2) this weekend.

6. Magic (1-2, last ranking: #3)-

The Magic stumbled a bit this weekend, losing to the 76ers and the Spurs.  However, this team has some talent on the roster, namely Aidan Lancaster, who can dominate on both offense and defense.  Despite the talent, the Magic struggled on the boards last weekend, struggling to grab rebounds on both sides of the court.  Maybe a change of fortune is in store for the Magic when they take on the Sonics (1-2) and the Rockets (1-2) this weekend.

7. Knicks (1-2, last ranking: #9)-

Tom “The Dark Knight” Demarais and the rest of the Knicks split their games this weekend, winning against the Celtics and losing to the Wizards.  Coach Greg Zanello’s Knicks have some potential this year, they just have to find some consistency in their game, and Demarais’ supporting cast needs to contribute just a little bit more.  They have their work cut out for them this weekend: their next two games are against the 76ers (3-0) and the Spurs (2-1).

8. Celtics (1-2, last ranking: #8)-

The C’s were another team this weekend that split their games, beating the Lakers and losing to the Knicks.  Star players Robbie Alessandro and Steve Kelliher played well, and they improve every game.  Just a little more consistent play from the bench and some stingier defense, and this team will  improve even more.  Their work will be cut out for them though, their next two games this weekend are against the Wizards (3-0) and the 76ers (3-0).

9. Sonics (1-2, last ranking: #6)-

Despite picking up a dominant force in Chris Collins, the Sonics did not impress last weekend, losing to the Nets and winning by way of forfeit over the Mavericks.  High hopes were set for Carl Plaut’s Sonics after this pickup, and they have yet to prove themselves.  That being said, all they have to do is figure out some team chemistry and they should be set.  Plaut’s Sonics go up against the Magic (1-2) and the Lakers (1-2) this weekend.

10. Rockets (1-2, last ranking: #10)-

Another of the many teams to split games last weekend, beating the Nuggets and losing to the Nets.  Standout player Brendan Donovan carries the load for the Rockets; yet, if this team wants to thrive, he will need some help from his teammates.  Head coach James Connell’s Rockets play the Mavericks (0-3) and the Magic (1-2) this weekend.

11. Nuggets (1-2, last ranking: #7)-

The Nuggets certainly disappointed this weekend, losing both their games to the Rockets and the Wizards.  The major problem with this team would be the lack of a superstar on the roster.  Despite having several decent players, the Nuggets have no major stars to turn to to carry them through tough stretches.  Maybe they can turn it around when they take on the Nets (3-0) and the Mavericks (0-3) this weekend.

12. Mavericks (0-3, last ranking: #12)-

This team is struggling mightily so far this year, losing to the Spurs and the Sonics (by forfeit) last weekend.  The worst part about this team is the lack of commitment, no even being able to field a team last Sunday.  Maybe standouts Matt Cotter and Chris Bender can turn it around this weekend when they go up against the Rockets (1-2) and the Nuggets (1-2).