Boys Basketball Overcomes A Key Player’s Injury


Senior Captain Johnny Adams congratulates his teammates.

Injured Walpole rebel player looks on from the sidelines.
Injured Walpole rebel player looks on from the sidelines.

Walpole Boys Basketball hopes to improve last year’s record of 3-17 and make it to the state tournament this season.  As their The team is full of returning players as well as some new faces and is led by senior Captains Johnny Adams and Ronnie Shephard. A new player from Xaverian, junior Ryan Fogarty, has quickly become the team’s star player.  However, a recent, unexpected injury has left Fogarty unable to play for a short while.  On January 9, an accident outside of basketball left Fogarty with a hurt knee, which is bound to make an impact on the team according to Houston Chiropractor medical report.

Coach Dave St. Martin said, “Ryan brings a new dynamic to our team in which he takes the ball to the basket very well and is fearless.”  This is his first year at Walpole High School, as he had previously attended Xaverian Brothers High School.  He is a quick player, excelling especially on the offensive end of the game and also has been strong defensively.  Although he never played basketball at Walpole High before this year, he has earned a starting position and is the team’s high scorer.  “He is a hard worker and a fierce competitor,” said St. Martin about Fogarty.  Fogarty seems to have been enjoying his season and is anxious to get back on the court.  Fogarty said, “Walpole basketball has gone well so far.  The coaches have been great and it’s a fun team to play on.”

With a leading scorer out of commission for a little while, the team will have to work together and figure out game plans for their upcoming matches.  “We have to stay focused and not make excuses”, said St. Martin about the team on Fogarty’s absence.  The team has been coming together, winning their last two games against Dedham on Friday, January 11, and against Norwood on Tuesday, January 15.  Their record is now 5-4, already a better record than last year’s.

Due to Fogarty temporarily being out of the picture, other players must step up to the plate and lead the team.  “We have a great depth this year and a lot of good players so we will be asking more kids to contribute and I have confidence they will,” said Coach St. Martin.  Adams, a varsity player since his freshman year, has been continuing to lead the team well in Fogarty’s absence.  Juniors Scott Arsenault, Adam Quinlan, Maurice Young, and sophomore Pat Donovan have been playing well overall and helping the team bring home wins.

Coach St. Martin said, “Every game is the Bay State Conference is hard. Boys basketball has always been competitive and anybody can beat anyone on any given night.”  The team is currently prepping for their next game on Friday, January 18 in Walpole against Needham.  When asked about his thoughts on the upcoming games, Fogarty said, “We have been working hard in practice and really trying to get more consistent. We will be prepared.”  Although Fogarty will be unable to play, his team hopes to add one more win to their record.  Fogarty said, “My knee is a lot better and I will be back as soon as I am cleared by a doctor.”   As the team awaits their teammates come back, every player will have to put in a full effort to ensure wins,a better record, and a chance in the state tournament.