WYBA High School Rec League Power Rankings Week 3

WYBA High School Rec League Power Rankings Week 3

Jake Moser

If you would like to see last week's power rankings, click here.
If you would like to see last week’s rankings, click here.

1. Nets (5-0, last ranking: #1)-

The Nets have not let up this year, keeping the pressure on the rest of the League.  Look for them to continue their dominate play this weekend when they take on the Mavericks (1-4) and the Magic (2-3).

2. 76ers (5-0, last ranking: #2)-

The Sixers continue to amaze this year, with strong play from David Driscoll and Jack Lavanchy. Hopefully they can keep the success going this weekend when they play the Wizards (4-1) and the Spurs (2-3).

3. Wizards (4-1, last ranking: #3)-

Staying in third for the power rankings this week, the Wizards have set the tone for the rest of the league, namely due to dominating play from star players Zack Rogers and Drew Stanton.  They will hope for two more victories this weekend when they take on the 76ers (5-0) and the Mavericks (1-4).

4. Lakers (3-2, last ranking: #4)-

Rounding out the same top four as last week, the Lakers hang on to the four seed.  Lacking some consistency, they have struggled at points this season; however, the talent they possess on the roster more than makes up for it.  They take on the Rockets (2-3) and the Nuggets (2-3) this weekend.

5. Magic (2-3, last ranking: #6)-

This team has a lot of potential, they just have not be able to find their stride just yet.  Talented players like Aidan Lancaster and Griffin Fontana should be able to find some consistency as the season progresses.  They play the Nuggets (2-3) and the Nets (5-0) this weekend.

6. Rockets (2-3, last ranking: #10)-

This team has had its fair share of problems this season; however, the Rockets keep finding ways to win against tough opponents, especially the Magic and the Nuggets.  They are up against the Lakers (3-2) and the Knicks (2-3) this weekend.

7. Knicks (2-3, last ranking: #7)-

The Knicks are another team that has struggled to find their groove this season, yet under the tutelage of head coach Greg Zanello, this team has a chance to succeed.  This weekend, they are up against the Sonics (1-4) and the Rockets (2-3).

8. Spurs (2-3, last ranking: #5)-

The Spurs are a decent team with decent players: just your typical middle-of-the-pack squad.  Star player Mike Cabral could use some help on the wings.  They play the 76ers (5-0) and the Celtics (1-4) this weekend.

9. Nuggets (2-3, last ranking: #11)-

The Nuggets have done nothing to impress this season, their only wins came against the Mavericks and the Sonics.  They face off against the Magic (2-3) and the Lakers (3-2) this weekend.

10. Sonics (1-4, last ranking: #9)-

The Sonics were supposed to dominate the League this year when they picked up big man Chris Collins; however, they have not improved at all since the mid-season pickup.  They take on the Mavericks (1-4) and the Nets (5-0).

11. Mavericks (1-4, last ranking: #12)-

The Mavs move up a spot this week with a win over the Rockets last weekend, although they still have a long way to go.  This weekend they play the Nets (5-0) and the Wizards (4-1).

12. Celtics (1-4, last ranking: #8)-

The Celtics really need to correct their course, and fast.  They have lost three straight games, and take on the Spurs (2-3) and the Sonics this (1-4) weekend.