WYBA High School Rec League Power Rankings Week 4

WYBA High School Rec League Power Rankings Week 4

Jake Moser

If you would like to see last week's power rankings, click here.
If you would like to see last week’s power rankings, click here.

1. 76ers (7-0, last ranking: #2)-

The Sixers take over the top spot in the rankings this week with dominant victories over the Wizards and Spurs last weekend.  And with the Nets losing to the Magic last, the 76ers are now the team to beat in the League at this point in the season.  This team is full of underrated players, most of whom at the the start of the season were not considered to be competitive at all.  Namely David Driscoll, Matt Kadlick, and Jack Lavanchy have taken it upon themselves to take this team to the next level and dominate on both sides of the court.  Let’s see if this team of unlikely superstars can retain the top seed when they take on the Sonics (2-5) and the Rockets (3-4) this weekend.

2. Nets (6-1, last ranking: #1)-

The Nets dropped the ball last weekend, losing their first game of the season to the Magic 63-59.  That being said, the loss could be attributed to the loss of Jimmy Smith Jr. with an ankle injury in Saturday’s game, and the absence of Colin Murray and coach Brendan Croak from the Sunday matchup against the Magic.  However, a loss is a loss and now they have to learn to recover from a loss and return even stronger than before.  Rookies Nate Porack and Joe Smith both have shown some serious skill this season, and they should be able to help the Nets rebound this weekend when they play the Lakers (5-2) and the Knicks (2-5).

3. Lakers (5-2, last ranking: #4)-

With wins over the Rockets and the Nuggets last weekend, the Lakers have bumped up a spot in the rankings.  Riding a four game winning streak, the Lakers are the hottest team in the league, with the exception to the undefeated 76ers.  Star player and team leader Mike Rando has been leading the way, dominating on offense with his speed and deadly outside shot.  And the defense has been a team effort, with no clear weaknesses as of yet.  The winning streak will be tested this weekend when they take on the Nets (6-1) and the Mavericks (1-6).

4. Wizards (5-2, last ranking: #3)-

The Wizards drop down a spot this week after losing to the 76ers by a score of 62-46 last weekend.  The Wizards have plenty of talent and potential; however, they are a difficult team to examine due to being involved in two forfeits in the past two weeks—one win and one loss.  The lack of actual play makes it difficult to determine if this team is still on top of their game.  Certainly with players like Drew Stanton and Zack Rogers this team can turn it on in an instant and succeed against some opponents; however, that will not fly against the other strong teams in the League.  This weekend will prove if they are still the real deal when they take on the Spurs (2-5) and the Magic (4-3).

5. Magic (4-3, last ranking: #5)-

At this point, the Magic had the biggest win of the season last weekend, defeating the then undefeated Nets 63-59.  And with a win over the Nuggets as well, they have now won three of their last four games.  Due mostly to the dominant play of Aidan Lancaster, the Magic have been able to both score efficiently and keep the opposing team off the scoreboard.  Strong wing-play from players like Griffin Fontana and Jack Donnelly have also added to the Magic’s success.  Hopefully that success continues when they take on the Mavericks (1-6) and the Wizards (5-2).

6. Rockets (3-4, last ranking: #6)-

The Rockets hold their position in the rankings this week with wins over the Knicks and a loss to the Lakers.  This team keeps finding ways to win, despite there being more talented teams out there.  Players like Brendan Donovan and Joey Daaboul have really stepped up their game on offense, but more importantly defense—where they fight tenaciously to keep the ball out of their basket.  Continued victories might be tough this weekend when they play the Celtics (3-4) and the 76ers (7-0).

7. Celtics (3-4, last ranking: #12)-

After dropping three straight games, the Celtics scored two victories this weekend against the Spurs and the Sonics.  The Celtics have some talented players in the likes of Robbie Alessandro and Steve Kelliher, yet they need to start winning larger chunks of their games in order to move up the standings.  Maybe that consistency will continue this weekend when the go up against the Rockets (3-4) and the Nuggets (2-5).

8. Spurs (2-5, last ranking: #8)-

The Spurs are the proud owners of four straight losses, including two last weekend to the Celtics and the 76ers.  The C’s have not scored more than 50 points in the past three games, and have allowed more than 50 points in the past four games—including 84 points to the 76ers last weekend.  All that being said, this team has the skills to turn it around, namely Mike Cabral, Jon Rockwood, and Michael Greulich.  They take on the Wizards (5-2) and the Sonics (2-5) this weekend.

9. Knicks (2-5, last ranking: #7)-

The Knicks drop down two spots for losing their two games this past weekend to the Sonics and the Rockets.  The loss to the Sonics is what really hurt them this week, since the Sonics are one of the weakest teams in the League.  This season has not turned out the way the self-proclaimed Tom “The Dark Knight” Demarais had imagined.  This season had been so underwhelming for Demarais and company that players and coaches around the League have begun referring to Demarais and his teammates at “Peter Pan and the Lost Boys” instead.  Maybe they can lose the nickname this weekend when they play the Nuggets (2-5) and the Nets (6-1).

10. Nuggets (2-5, last ranking: #9)-

Another two loss weekend lands the Nuggets one spot down from last week.  This team, led by frontmen Colton Mitchell and Harry Berkland, has struggled for long stretches of time this season—their only two wins have come against the two teams below them in the rankings this week.  The Nuggets have a slight chance to turn things around this weekend when they take on the Knicks (2-5) and the Celtics (3-4).

11. Sonics  (2-5, last ranking: #10)-

The Sonics have struggled with consistency this year, even this past weekend where they split their games with the Knicks and the Celtics.  When head coach Carl Plaut won the mid-season pickup of bigman Chris Collins, everyone thought the Sonics would be the new team to be reckoned with and that just has not been the case.  Maybe they can find some constants in the form of two wins this weekend when they play the 76ers (7-0) and the Spurs (2-5).

12. Mavericks (1-6, last ranking: #11)-

The mid-season woes continue for the Mavs, who lost both games this weekend, one by forfeit.  There are two things for sure with this team: they are the worst team in the League, and they have given up already.  Last weekend’s forfeit was the second of the season, the only team with that stat.  They play the Magic (4-3) and the Lakers (5-2) this weekend, so the future does not look any brighter for this squad.