WHS Hosts Red Cross Blood Drive

Aurora Hebner

American Red Cross will host Walpole High's blood drive on February 8.
American Red Cross will host Walpole High’s blood drive on February 8.

Looking to help out your community while also missing class? Student Council is hosting Walpole High School’s annual blood drive this week. If needles don’t make you uncomfortable and you’d like to help out patients in need, you should join Stuco and The American Red Cross in the gym on Friday, February 8 to donate blood.

In order to be eligible to help out Walpole High and the American Red Cross in their quest to collect at least fifty pints of blood from this year’s drive, one must be above the age of seventeen, or sixteen with a permission slip signed by a parent. Although the drive would like to gather as many people as possible to donate, many students were turned away last year due to iron deficiency. In order to avoid this problem at the upcoming blood drive, Ms. Mac says, “go to town on the steak and spinach on Thursday night.” The blood drive usually attracts around seventy-five people willing to donate, and Stuco is hoping for the same, if not more, success this year. Ms. Mac says, “I’m going to donate blood and I hope others will do it too.” If not only to better the community, the blood drive will also improve one’s day with a fancy donor card and a free lunch from Cumberland Farms consisting of a sandwich, chips, and a beverage. Students are also encouraging others to donate this year. Senior Ally Russo, a past donor, said, “Do it for the snacks and the gift of life.” Senior Micaela Barry, who has donated blood before and is signed up for this year’s drive, said, “When I’ve done it in the past, it was fine. I felt good knowing that my blood could help someone out a lot in the future.”

Donating blood is a kind, generous act that all applicable students can be involved in on Friday. Sign up at any lunch this week and join The American Red Cross in the gym at any time on Friday if you are feeling charitable.