WHS Donates to American Red Cross with Blood Drive


Student donates blood to the American Red Cross.

Aurora Hebner

Student donates blood to the American Red Cross.
Student donates blood to the American Red Cross.

Every year, Student Council organizes a day at the school to give Walpole High School students and staff the opportunity to give back to the community by donating blood for the American Red Cross. This year, due to the snow days caused by “Nemo,” the drive, originally planned for February 8 was postponed and took place on February 28.

The high school’s upper gym was bustling with students coming and going throughout all five blocks of the day to make their contributions. One of the Red Cross workers said, “for a high school, this was a very big turnout.” Ms. Kerry McMenimen, head of Student Council, said “Sixty-four students signed up, which is about the same amount as last year, but more of them were actually able to participate this year.” Last year, a substantial amount of girls were turned away due to iron deficiency. Although there were about six girls with the same issue, this was not a prevalent problem at this year’s blood drive. However, some girls were denied from donating because they were considered underweight for their height.

The protocol for students who took part in the drive was first to answer questions for a Red Cross worker, donate a pint of blood, then eat as many snacks or drink as many juice boxes as necessary until they felt they were well enough to return to class. Some students who reached limits that labeled them tall enough and big enough to donate two pints of blood were asked to do so. One student who met these requirements is senior Harvest Perez. Perez said, “It makes me feel good that I could donate twice as much as most people because I feel like I’m helping more people out. Feels real good.”

First time donor, junior Hannah Mullen said, “I would absolutely donate again even though I was petrified because a lot of people need blood and if I was ever in that situation I would be grateful for someone who donated to help me out.” With a more lighthearted take on the situation, senior John Lochhead said, “I would definitely donate again. I feel great right now because I know I could be saving someone’s life and you have to take any chance you get to save a life. YOLO.” Students who did not sign up this year but would like to take part in the drive are in luck because Student Council is sure to organize it again next year. As Ms. Mac said, “although current Walpole High students think nothing happened before I was here, the blood drive has been here for a lot longer than I have, and I’m not going to be the one to end this fantastic tradition.”