Vine App Gives New Hobby to Creative iPhone Users

Vine App Gives New Hobby to Creative iPhone Users

Meghan Driscoll

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what says even more is a Vine. What is it exactly? It’s similar to an Instagram, but with video. It’s not just any video, like Keek, but it’s a video that can be up to six seconds long, and one can create their own looping videos, while watching their friend’s. It’s not just an addiction, but it’s also free.

So, it seems intricate, but it’s easier than it sounds. To capture a video on Vine, all one has to do is press the screen with his/her finger. With Vine, an app user has the capability to take fragmented, few second clips, which all then combine to create a short, little video.

There are different types of “Viners” out there. There are artsy, show the city and the bright lights, kinda people.  There are “ones that only vine their food on their plate disappearing” kinda people.  There are people doing random things solely trying to make their followers laugh.  But, these viners all have one thing in common: they all have too much fun with the “pause and play” part of it all.

Vine is like a gif, but with sound. Similar to Instagram, all one has to do is open the app on their iPhone, iPod, or iPad for immediate entertainment given by their followers.    There’s also an opportunity to embed your Vine snippets in your tweets, by posting it to Twitter.  For the creative “Viners,” there’s opportunities to appear on the popular page or in other words, “Editor’s Pick.”  Just like anyone who can become famous on Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram, Vine is no different.

So, people without an iPhone say “What’s it like?” and they are soon shown an example of a Vine video.  Without further hesitation, they are on their way to the Apple Store to purchase an Apple product, eagerly awaiting to create their own Vine.