Coach Hickey to Stay Coach of the B Team

Coach Hickey to Stay Coach of the B Team

Michael Fortin

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Because of speculation that the legendary “B” team coach Billy Hickey may have been replaced next year, he proactively stepped down from his position of 10 plus years in March.  Replacing him, the President of Walpole Youth Football Bob Conrad momentarily took over the responsibilities of the B team.  At that time, many pop warner alumni expressed dissapointment over this change.  However, in early April, Mr. Conrad changed his mind as he stepped down from the position to allow Hickey to continue his coaching career at the B team.  Despite the rumors and speculation surrounding Hickey’s initial departure, one thing is true:  Hickey is here to stay.

Coach Hickey has been the coach of the  “B” team for 10 plus years, despite the fact that both of his sons had been out of the system for many years.  Mr. Hickey volunteers his time selflessly and for all the right reasons:  to teach kids how to play football the right way, not to make sure every athlete gets more than 6 plays a game.

Coach Hickey coaches athletes in 7th grade, and most athletes agree that his team was hands-down the best year of Pop Warner.  Coach Hickey along with his assistants — Terri Hanley, John Toti and John Collins — year in and year out provide athletes with a model of expectation that propelled to them excellence at the high school level.

Varsity linebacker and running-back, junior Kyle Raftery said, “Coach Hickey and his staff was the best year of Pop Warner, and he showed me how to play football the right way, and he has made me the football player I am today.”

When the class of 2014 entered the B team in 7th grade, they were very unsuccessful up to that point.  They consistently had losing seasons, which is very rare in Walpole, even for a C or a D team.  However, from their first day of practice, they could tell that Coach Hickey and his staff were different as they brought pride and intensity every day whether it was game day or a random Tuesday practice.  Coach Hickey and his staff taught individuals to work hard every day and never to go less then 100 percent every play.  He taught them that in life and in football if individuals want to succeed they have to work hard and not everything will be handed to them.  Coach Hickey and his staff helped turn around that grade’s Pop Warner days as they posted a 7-3 record and have been dominating football games ever since as it shows in our past football season as the football team posted a 10-1 record.

Raftery said, “I am happy to see Hickey still the coach of the B team because I had such a good experience with him and it would have been a shame if the younger kids did not get the same experience I did.”

Coach Hickey always knows how to get his team fired up before every game and at half time, for he always gives great, memorable speeches to get his team ready for the game.

Junior Harrison Berkland said, “Coach Hickey always knew how to get the team fired up as he would always give a great speech that would pump us all up to get ready to play a great game.”

All of these coaches, who have been together for numerous years, help get everything out of their players, and more importantly, they made their players better individuals off the field as well.  Coach Hickey and his staff shows individuals how to play the game with intensity and pride.

Coach Hickey is one of the most liked coaches in Walpole Youth Football. He helped build Walpole football in the Pop Warner level that relates to the great success Walpole High School has year in and year out.

As junior Connor Moriarty stated, “Coach Hickey is the reason Walpole football is so successful.  It all starts with him in the youth level and the success continues throughout high school mainly because of him.”

Despite the rumors and speculation, pop warner alumni are grateful to know Coach Hickey will still be coaching the B team.  Known for his fiery pre-game speeches and his distinctive voice, Coach Hickey will continue to instill Rebel Pride in the future stars of the Walpole Football Program.