WYBA High School Rec League Season Wrap-up

WYBA High School Rec League Season Wrap-up

Jake Moser

After a long and arduous season, the Rec League of 2012-2013 has finally come to a close.

They fought long and they fought hard; however, this season of the WYBA’s High School Rec League Basketball season has finally come to a close.  All twelve teams played their hearts out this past weekend, but in the end the 76ers came out on top in the championship game last Sunday over the Spurs.  Friday’s snow storm moved all games to Saturday, forcing the winning team to play up to three full games that day.  Such a heavy workload became an unforeseen obstacle for many teams that day; however, the stronger squads were able to overcome such adversity and advance onward.

A surprise for many around the league was the Spurs, led by Mike Cabral, who blew past the Nuggets, Lakers, and the Nets as the underdog.  Many believed this team could not succeed because of their lack of consistency; however, strong play from wing players like CJ Weinacht, Jack Stedman, and Michael Greulich helped Cabral catapault this team to the finals.

Unfortunately, it was not enough against Dave Driscoll’s squad, the 76ers.  The Sixers have been on top of the League all season, and that didn’t change last weekend.  They beat the Knicks and the Celtics handily to reach the finals, and although the game was close at points, they eventually pulled away in the end for the victory.

Also this past weekend, the Rec All-Star game was played, and although there was not too many highlights from the game itself, the MVP went to Steve Riggott.  Riggott, a four year rec player and current student and Tri-County stood as the model player for everyone else.  Riggott exemplifies the quality that players and coaches and referees all look for in a kid—sportsmanship.  Riggott was more than deserving of such an award, and no doubt has set the standard for all current and future Rec players.

Check back in next winter here at the Rebellion for another season of Rec Basketball Power Rankings and game coverage from us.  Great season guys, lets do it all again next year.