Rebels Suffer Disappointing Loss to Fontbonne Ducks

Kathryn Russo

The girls hockey team looks on in their game against Fontbonne.


The rink was cold, but the cheering fans and the excitement that filled the air created a warm atmosphere on Wednesday, March 3, 2010 at the Canton Ice Hockey Arena. Hoping to advance to the semi-finals the Walpole Rebels faced off against the Fontbonne Ducks; however, the game ended in favor of Fontbonne with a final score at 4-1.


The first period consisted of many breakaways, tricky plays, and shots on goal. Fontbonne was able to keep the puck in Walpole’s defensive zone for a good part of the period and took 12 shots on goal against Rebel goalie freshman Bethany Welch. The Rebels had only four shots on goal, but senior captain Stephanie Frye was the first to score nine minutes and one second into the first period. For the remainder of the period no other goals were scored, but two penalties were issued: one to Fontbonne and one to Walpole both for hooking.


In the second period the Rebels fell behind quickly. Two minutes into the second period Fontbonne’s Elizabeth McCarthy scored a goal, the 100th point she had earned for the Ducks in her high school career. The Rebels rallied back and had seven shots on goal against Fontbonne goalie freshman Lea Coughlin, but she did not let one shot get by. The Ducks found holes in the Rebels defense and proceeded to attempt 18 shots on goal in the second period and score yet another goal at 8:54. Number eight Taylor Shepherd was responsible for the 2-1 lead, assisted by number 23 Meghan Collins.


The third period proved to be the best for the Fontbonne Academy girls. The period was action packed, and in favor of the Ducks. With five minutes of play number 20, Bridget O’Brien, was able to get past Welch once again and add another point to Fontbonne’s increasing lead. At 8:23 the referee handed out a penalty to a Fontbonne player for one minute and thirty seconds; however, this penalty was revoked and the Ducks were able to skate full force for the remaining minutes. With 3:53 left Fontbonne’s Karen McLaughlin got past Walpole’s defense and scored a goal assisted by Michelle Carroll increasing the ducks lead 4-1. For the last 3:50 that remained the Rebels skated furiously to score another goal, but the Duck’s defense was too strong to let another goal by.


When the buzzer went off to signify the end of the game the Fontbonne Ducks celebrated a job well done with four goals, and 36 total shots on goal. Although the Rebel’s season has ended for the year the number two seeded Fontbonne Academy will now advance onto the semi-finals against Duxbury in Bourne on Saturday, March 6, 2010. Although the Rebels lost, seniors Kristen Morrissey, Jacqui Dolan, Stephanie Frye, Kellie Duffy, Heather Foley, Jackie Kelleher, and Julia Tosone were able to make it to tournament and play on a highly competitive level with top seeded teams for their last year in high school.