Best Buddies Dance Provides a Great Experience for Walpole Members


Members of Best Buddies enjoy the dance.

Meagan Sundstrom

Members of Best Buddies enjoy the dance.
Members of Best Buddies enjoy the dance.
As the Best Buddies program expands to more schools and becomes more popular among students, they have begun to participate in statewide events.  This year, the Walpole High School Best Buddies Club attended a dinner dance that included schools from all over Massachusetts.  It took place on Saturday, March 16, at Hopkinton High School from 6-9 p.m. and was a new experience that was completely different than previous dances that involved only Walpole members.
In comparison to a dinner dance just for the Walpole chapter, this event included many more attendees, activities, and fun for the students.  Everyone at the dance was dressed up in their finest apparel, and the evening served as the Prom for many of the buddies, making it all the more special.  Greeted by lights strung about all the railings, the Walpole students proceeded downstairs to begin the night.  Much to the students’ surprise, there were many activities to take part in throughout the evening.  There was a bench and background for photos, a well-decorated cafeteria, and a station to put on temporary tattoos.  Additionally, the members could play video games and take pictures with Miss Massachusetts.  Inside the gym, the floor was transformed into a dance area, along with tables to sit at and a DJ table with brightly colored lights.  To highlight the memories made in the program this year, the event coordinators presented pictures of Best Buddies club members on a large projector.
After exploring the building, the students went to the cafeteria to eat dinner.  With red and green tablecloths and sparkly vases full of flowers, the room was altered into a more formal dining room.  Everyone then went through the buffet line, filled their plates with spaghetti, meatballs, and rolls, and enjoyed a wonderful meal together.
As the night went on, students were free to do whatever activities they wanted ‒ including dancing, taking pictures, hanging out with friends, and having dessert.  Clearly demonstrated on the dance floor, all of the different schools had meshed well together, as all those attending were dancing and making new friends as the evening progressed.  Sophomore Kiran Sareen enjoyed the dance much more than she thought she would.  She said, “I didn’t know what to expect, but I was surprised to find that everyone from the different schools were really nice.  I enjoyed the music and food a lot.”
Toward the end of the event, Miss Massachusetts assisted the event leaders in announcing award winners to honorable Best Buddies members.  As the night finally came to a close, the Walpole members accumulated and headed to the bus with big smiles.  Sophomore Celine Henri ‒ President of the Walpole chapter ‒ said, “I thought it was really fun and everyone had a good time.”
From eating dinner to dancing with new friends from other towns, the Best Buddies dinner dance in Hopkinton was a great experience for all members.  More students are joining the club and with that, the group continues to attend big events together to maintain their friendships and spend time with one another.  The dance serves as a reminder of how much the Best Buddies program is expanding and growing in our high school.