Art Students Venture into Beantown for the Scholastic Arts Awards

The Canvas


Students tapped nervously at their desks, anxiously awaiting the end of third period with cameras ready. Having been postponed, the long-awaited and much anticipated field trip was finally here. Last Monday, under the ever-watchful eyes of teachers and chaperones, students had the opportunity to see not only the work of fellow peers, but the work of over a hundred kids in Massachusetts.

Artwork ranged from intricate and painstakingly painted masterpieces, to digital art and sculpture. The exhibit, held in the upstairs level of the Massachusetts Transportation Center, featured the artwork of AP Drawing and Painting students Emily Muller, Frankie Nardelli, Krissy Jankowski, Christa Pellowe, and Maddy Shea. Maddy Shea, a senior here at Walpole High, also won an award for her scholastics portfolio submission, which consisted of eight individual pieces.

The Scholastic Arts Awards is a great opportunity for art students to not only be recognized by their peers and by other students in the state, but also to be able to gather inspiration for themselves and see what other people their age are doing. As a part of the AP students field trip, teacher Mrs. Willa-Ann McKee had each student take pictures for four fellow APers, to post as food for thought and inspiration on the AP blog, a year-long, ongoing online discussion website that AP students post weekly progress of their pieces on. That way, students can draw ideas and learn from the artwork of others long after the field trip is over.

Despite being delayed by annoying and frequent snow days, the field trip was a great success, both students and teachers thoroughly enjoying the exhibit and taking away a greater understanding of the goings-on in the art world today, a world that will, for some of these students, become the world they live and partake in every day for the rest of their lives.