Girls Night Out Returns for Another Successful Year


Girls shop for their dresses at Girls Night Out

Brianna Conley

Girls shop for their dresses at Girls Night Out
Girls shop for their dresses at Girls Night Out

The spring has officially begun, and prom is now right around the corner on Friday, May 17. Many girls attending prom face the many tasks — finding the perfect dress, deciding a hairstyle, coordinating transportation and pictures —that come along with it.  All of these tasks add up to an increased anticipation for the event. Unfortunately, all of these can be expensive.  So, to alleviate cost and anxiety over such an anticipated event, Walpole High School’s Student Council will host Girls Night Out on Wednesday, April 24 from 6-9PM at Walpole High School.

Girls Night Out is a night filled with numerous tips from local clothing businesses and boutiques, as well as raffle prizes to hair salons, nail salons, and a multitude of clothing stores. This is the event’s second year and based off of the success from last year, this year is anticipated to be even more successful.  Student Council Co-Treasurer Micaela Barry said, “Last year was really successful but attendance was low, so this year we’re hoping for more students to come in order to keep improving the event.”

In an effort to give back to the community, Student Council holds Girls Night Out to raise donations for The Fairy Godmother Project — an organization whose mission is to provide teens who are unable to afford dresses or tuxedos for prom with a free dress or tux in order to assure that the teen can focus more on enjoying the event rather than finding the money to pay for it. Each year, The Fairy Godmother project donates over one hundred dresses and tuxedos to teens in need of them. The donations raised from Girls Night Out will be donated to the organization to help the teens in need. Admission is ten dollars, or five dollars with a prom dress donation.

Last year’s Girls Night Out attracted many people and was such a success that Student Council received a Top Ten project Award for it at this year’s Masschusetts Association of Student Council Conference. Student Council members were ecstatic by this feat and undoubtedly knew the event must happen again this year.  Barry said, “It was awesome to receive the recognition and it really showed how innovative of an event Girls Night Out is.”

So far, Student Council members have been reaching out to local businesses, dress shops, nail salons and  many other places to ask them to donate gift cards for the event. Each girl who attends at the event can pay five dollars for a stack of raffle tickets, which they can then put in to the many different bags for a chance to win gift certificates. Baked goods will also be served  throughout the night.

If you are undecided as to whether Girls Night Out is worth attending, keep in mind that while receiving helpful tips about prom, you could also donate to a wonderful organization and help struggling teens have a dress or tux to wear to prom, homecoming or graduation.