Senior Week Marks Busiest Week of Year


Andrea Lee

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An important part of Senior Week is the Film Festival.

For the seniors at Walpole High, the last few days of high school are numbered. The week of 5/13 to 5/18 marks their last full week at Walpole High, which is why it is known as Senior Week. Often called the busiest week of the year, Senior Week has a lot of activities going on, from Film Festival to the NHS induction and the spirit days in between.

Film Festival is one of the most significant school wide events at the high school, and with 11 movies produced this year, Mr. Michael Alan (the head of the Film program) decided to have three showings instead of the typical two. For the film students, Senior Week actually started on Saturday, May 11th, when they held the annual Wrap Party. Every year when the movies are done, all of the students go to the Wrap Party to play trivia, eat desserts based on their fruit-inspired film crew names, and get excited for the Film Festival the upcoming week. On Sunday, May 12th, movies played at both 1 p.m.  and 7 p.m. There will also be showings on Tuesday, when the nominations will be announced, and Thursday, which is Awards Night. On Thursday, crews will be dressed up and arrive in limos to the red carpet event, where winning crews will be receive their awards.

Film is not the only event that is going on this week; the National Honor Society induction is on Wednesday, May 13th at 7 p.m. Seniors will be inducting the new junior members and welcoming them into NHS. Seniors will be dressed in their graduation gowns, and will also give their Special Educator Speeches to an educator who had a significant impact on the student’s life. The seniors then, one by one, are replaced on stage by the juniors as they slowly switch places entirely. The juniors will then be on stage ready to face the new year, and the seniors will be in the auditorium seats. The NHS induction is another indicator of the end of the school year, and will mark the seniors having exactly one week left of school.

Throughout the week, Seniors will have the chance to show their school spirit one last time, as StuCo is having Senior Week spirit days. On Monday, students can dress up in their comfiest pajamas; Tuesday, in neon clothing; Wednesday, in twin clothing to match a friend; Thursday, in Rebel colors; and Friday, in their college t-shirt. StuCo members will be giving out prizes to seniors who dress up throughout the week.

The last event of the week is Prom, on Friday the 17th. The theme for this year is Under the Sea, and it is being held at Demetri’s in Foxboro as it was last year. As eventful as this week is, Prom will give students a chance to relax, get dressed up (again) and have a good time with their class. After Prom, there will be only three days left of school.

May 22nd is the last day of school, and it is rapidly approaching. Senior Week is a way for the seniors to end their high school careers with a bang, and there are plenty of activities to keep everybody busy.