Softball Works Hard for Tournament


Senior captain prepares to hit the ball.

Stephanie Sem


Senior captain prepares to hit the ball.
Senior captain swings at a pitch.

With the knowledge of a tough schedule for the final and following week, Rebels Softball knew they had to secure their spot in the post season as soon as possible. The team only needed one more win before their game against Dedham on Wednesday, May 15. The Rebels proved their determination to beat Dedham for the first time in three years by winning 8-5.

Dedham started off the game with a single, which was followed by a sacrifice bunt to move the player onto second. The next batter got a single, bringing in a run for Dedham. The Rebels then made two more outs; however, the Rebels up at bat did not go well seeing as Dedham made three quick outs to end the inning.

Both teams’ defense played well in the next two innings, with the Rebels quick innings, leaving the Rebels up to bat in the third inning. The Rebels started out with a single from junior Mikayla Songin and a double from junior Mehron Hoag, who hit in Songin for the Rebels’ first run of the game. The next batter struck out, for the first out of the inning. Senior captain Bridget Nicholson then hit a single, scoring Hoag, which was followed by junior Lauren Regan hitting Bridget home. After a second strike out by the following batter, Regan managed to score in the next play before the runner was tagged out, ending the inning with a 4-1 lead.

The Rebels started out strong on defense in the fourth inning with two quick outs, but they had a difficult time making the third out. Dedham got three singles in a row and earned one more run before the Rebels could make their third out. There were no runs made by the Rebels in this quick inning. The Rebels got up to bat again quickly, only allowing one hit by Dedham in the fifth inning.  Walpole started out with one out, followed by three singles, leaving the bases loaded.  Dedham then got one more out, but could not seem to make the third out, seeing as there were three more consecutive singles by the Rebels.  These hits allowed four more runs to score before Dedham was able to make the third out, putting Walpole up 7-2.

Dedham was not discouraged by the runs scored against them and they continued to stay in the game.  With two walks and two singles in this inning, Dedham scored one run.  They continued their momentum in the field, making three quick outs against the Rebels, to have their last chance up at bat.  This inning started out strong for the Rebels, getting the first two Dedham batters out.  Once again, the Rebels could not make that last out, with four singles and one walk for Dedham.  Walpole finally made their last out to end the game, but Dedham managed to squeeze out two more runs in their last inning.

The Rebels not only beat Dedham 8-5 for the first time in three years, but they also made it into tournament because of this win.  This win was followed by another strong win against Herget champions, Norwood Mustangs.