Best of 2008: Albums

Chris Tetreault

         Here is my list of the top 3 new album releases of 2008.

1. In Rainbows-Radiohead

            Radiohead’s seventh album contains an exceptional sound encompassed by standout tracks like “Bodysnatchers”, “Jigsaw Falling into Place” and “Reckoner”. The album moves from the fast paced growl of the guitar in “Bodysnatchers” to the easy listening of “Reckoner”, all accompanied by Thom Yorke’s emotionally-driven lyrics. An incredible album, it is definitely worth a listen for those who are unsure about their interest in Radiohead and their style of music.

2. Gossip in the Grain- Ray LaMontagne

            Ray LaMontagne’s most recent album is a diverse collection of songs that range from classic folk, to new rock with a jazzy influence. My personal favorites on the album are “You Are the Best Thing” and “Hey Me, Hey Mama”. “You Are the Best Thing”’s horns are a nice digression, while “Hey Me, Hey Mama”’s simple tune is a great sound. Gossip in the Grain is an exciting release of 2008.

3. For Emma, Forever Ago- Bon Iver

            Bon Iver’s 2008 album reflects a deep thought that is not always behind music today. Its soft chord-strumming melodies coupled with lead singer Justin Vernon’s soft voice make an incredible sound. Songs like “Flume”, “Skinny Love” and “For Emma” include these attributes. Bon Iver also finds ways to include interesting instruments such as the mandolin, along with the trumpet to make an even different sound that easily catapults this album to three on my list.

Other commendable albums definitely worth mention


4. Viva La Vida- Coldplay 

5. Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings- Counting Crows


6. Weezer (The Red Album)- Weezer 

7. Only By The Night- Kings of Leon


8. Appeal to Reason- Rise Against