Class Events Help Seniors Celebrate Graduation


A senior student locker from last year could now belong to a senior of this year because of locker changes.

Brianna Conley

Student Council members hang lanyards on the seniors' lockers as a gift
Student Council members hang lanyards on the seniors’ lockers as a gift

The last day of high school is an exciting accomplishment for any student. It is the end of an exciting chapter in one’s life, but at the same time, it  is a fresh start to a new chapter. The students are recognized for their achievements in graduating during the weeks that lead up to graduation, and many events were scheduled for the senior class in honor of them graduating.

Mrs. Lauren Culliton, this year’s senior class advisor, organized the majority  of senior events and made all of these events, field trips, and last get togethers possible.

Mrs. Culliton said, “A lot of these people have known each other since kindergarten and many of them will continue to stay in touch; however, the graduation portion is just a ceremony, and the senior events help the seniors to celebrate their achievements.”

Mrs. Culliton also received significant help from Ms. Kerry Mcmenimen, Mr. Dan Mullaney and Mr. William Hahn in coordinating events as well as Mrs. Mckenzie Gould who handled yearbooks.

On the morning of Wednesday May 22, banners, streamers and lanyards blazoned the English hallways. Every senior’s locker had a orange and white lanyard hanging on its door because the night before, Student Council members came to school to decorate with signs, posters, ribbon and the lanyards, which lit up the usually mediocre looking hallway for the seniors.

Senior Amber Walsh said, “Walking down that hallway on Wednesday morning made me realize what I am going to miss most about Walpole High School — Its lively spirit and vivid sense of community.”

The senior class trip, on May 28, was to Sky Zone in Boston. Sky Zone is an indoor trampoline complex open to people of all ages. In past years, the seniors typically attend a Paw Sox game in Rhode Island, but, because the team is currently traveling, Vice Principal William Hahn chose Sky Zone as the destination. The entire complex was rented out to Walpole seniors, and after they spent the day at Sky Zone, they went to Faneuil Hall and the North End in Boston to get dinner and shop.

Senior Caitlin Conlon said, “It was fun and could have been more enjoyable if more people went, but I liked doing something different with my friends and going into the city.”

The following day, a senior dinner took place in the high school’s cafeteria. The dinner is one of the last get togethers before the seniors say goodbye and move on with their endeavors.  Yearbooks were distributed at the senior dinner and the seniors were able to sign each others and look through them.

It is quite evident that all of these events are exciting for the senior class before they graduate and helps them prepare to say goodbye and move on. The people who have helped organize these events worked hard to make sure the students were able to have a jubilant week before their graduation.

The senior events definitely help the students prepare for the next stages in the upcoming months and years of their lives. Majority of the seniors appreciated all of the kind gestures and support that the school gave them before their graduation. The events planned by the teachers  made the end of the school year more memorable, exciting and important for the seniors, before they graduated.