Boys Soccer Returns Key Leaders

A Walpole attack tries to win the ball

A Walpole attack tries to win the ball

Bobby Rabaioli

After losing 3-2 against Wellesley on Thursday night, the Rebels returned for their first home game in almost three weeks.  Over that span, the Rebels (1-3-1) had their ups and downs, but were only able to muster a measly point in a total of four games.  Their play looked dismal at times, where they looked confused without senior leaders AJ Chauvin and Bobby Ivatts.  But other times, they carried the play and seemed to play as a team rather than individuals.  So when a winless Milton team came to Turco Field on a chilly September night, both leaders came back to play.

The game started off with a flurry of attacks from both senior strikers AJ Chauvin and Wesley Doolan.  But after consecutive minutes of pressure in the offensive zone, a misplay by a Rebel defender allowed Milton to get a contested twenty yard shot that beat senior keeper Pete Hoegler.

“It was a shock, we came out and dominated and found ourselves down a goal” said Chauvin.  Less than a minute later Chauvin made an great pass to junior Joe Delaney who scored a tap in goal while getting taken down to tie the game.

The game would remain tied till the second half opened up with another Chauvin run across the baseline.  “He’s the best player on our team when he uses his speed,” said Fair who ended up on the receiving end of the pass and would put it home to take the lead 2-1.  However, just like Walpole, Milton responded with a goal of their own just minutes after the Rebels took the lead.  With a Milton free kick at the edge of the 18 yard box, a tremendous free kick was bent in to tie the game at 2.  Walpole had one last desperate chance to win the game off of loose ball in the box, but it was quickly cleared.

“There’s highs and lows in every season” said senior Captain Colin Murray, “This just happens to be a difficult time for us, but we’ll figure it out”.  The Rebels would figure it out in their next game as they defeated a weaker Dedham 5-1.  The Rebels next look to make a streak of this by winning against Catholic Memorial, who is 3-4 on the season.