Losses Pile Up for Boys Soccer


Bobby Rabaioli

Lucas good
A Walpole midfielder challenges for the ball

Boys Soccer has returned key players due to injury, but their play has yet to pick up.  The Rebels had labeled the Weymouth game as the biggest game of the year, but after they lost 2-0, they felt dejected and backed into a corner as their playoff chances went way down.

The game began off with Weymouth carrying possession for majority of the first ten minutes.  Walpole played hard but however could not figure Weymouth out as they seemed to control the game.

“Coach stressed that we needed to be the more desperate team” said senior Captain Bobby Ivatts, “but we ended up back on our heels and never recovered from it.”

But still as Weymouth outplayed the Rebels, the score remained scoreless until near the end of the first half.  With a Weymouth corner kick nearing half time, the Rebels were just fighting to keep it a scoreless game for a moral victory going into the break.  But as the ball was played in, it landed in the box right to Wildcats striker to give them the lead 1-0.

“That just cannot happen.  We need to win the first ten minutes and last ten minutes of a half and we lost both” said senior Jack Stedman.

Once again the Rebels found themselves in a hole as Weymouth would score another goal on a corner kick.  “That goal meant so much to the game, and we did not get it” said junior Pj Fuller.

Weymouth ended up being more desperate and hungry as they hang on for their tournament lives.  This was a critical loss for the Rebels as they gave up a valuable chance to gain ground and grab a playoff birth.  The Rebels record is now 4-4-2 with little light at the end of the tunnel as they now face a good Framingham club on Tuesday, October 8th.