Turkey Tourney Attracts Huge Crowds

Chris Lotsbom

  The first annual 3 on 3 Turkey Tournament benefitting the Walpole Basketball programs was held on Saturday, November 29.  Put on by the Walpole Basketball Boosters, the tourney attracted hundreds of basketball enthusiasts two days after Thanksgiving.  From high school starters to former professionals, players from all skill levels came to show their game on the Walpole parquet.  With four games being played at once, the tournament went off without a hitch thanks to the help of many volunteers, parents, and varsity players. 

  Head boy’s basketball coach Dave St. Martin was pleased with the day’s turnout.  “It went really well.  We had 30 teams and we look forward to building upon it next year,” said St. Martin. 

  In the Boy’s High School division, the Fighting Hyenas, comprised of Rebel seniors Ryan Terp and Brian Merrigan, along with sophomores Tom Ryan and Mike Tempesta, won their playoff and championship games with ease.  The team took home the Turkey Trophy, beating the “Starbury’s” (Mike Gallivan, Ben Lennon, and Xaverian’s John Kavolius) in the championship.  In addition to a number of deep shots from Terp, who will start at guard this year for the varsity squad, the Hyenas won due to key rebounds and defense.  

  “We dominated” said Merrigan after the championship, displaying his trophy.  “It was a fun tournament and I hope they do it again next year.”

  In the girls division, where only four teams competed, the team comprised of college girls came out on top.  But, they had to go up against some tough high school girls competition.  In the championship, it came down to the wire, but the collegians prevailed. 

  In addition to the great turnout, the tournament gave an opportunity to see the varsity Rebels in action before the season starts.  The boys look to better their record of eleven wins last year, as seniors Terp, Gallivan, and Joe Rogers have put in an extraordinary amount of time in the gym, improving their already solid game.     

  The Rebels basketball programs earned a tremendous amount of money from the games.  At this point, they have raised an estimated $2,250 from entrance fees alone, and this total does not even include the concession stand sales, which was busy during the whole tournament.  The money will be used to benefit both basketball teams in various ways.

  Coach St. Martin assures that the tournament will return next year, and it will be better than ever.  When asked if there was anything he’d change, St. Martin said, “The officiating, we would make sure the officiating was consistent and that it would prevent any future altercations from arising.”    

  Besides the little officiating issues, the tournament ran extremely smooth.  Praises should go out to both basketball teams for hosting such a great tournament.  For now, Walpole basketball fans and players will satisfy their basketball needs with a new Rebel season, which has just begun and both teams look to be in the thick of things at the top of the Bay State Conference standings. 

For more on the 3 on 3 Turkey Tourney, please watch Unstoppable: The Brian Merrigan Story in the Rebellion Videos.