Altogethers Creates a New Solace For Music Lovers


Members of the Altogethers perform carols at Parent-Teacher Conference night

Mackenzie Wilson

Members of the Altogethers perform carols at Parent-Teacher Conference night
Members of the Altogethers perform carols at Parent-Teacher Conference night

Ever since the release of “Pitch Perfect” in 2012, a cappella has become the new musical trend sweeping the nation. Relying solely on a the ability of a person’s voice, it is a new way for singers to showcase their talents on youtube, television, and now schools. Walpole High School recently joined the trend with the newly formed a cappella group: the Altogethers.

On November 21, the Altogethers had their first performance at the high school’s parent teacher conferences. The performance was informal: a small group of girls singing Christmas carols to the parents as they walked through the front hall of the school. Although it was not a grand, large show, the Altogethers showcased their talent as they sang their way through old holiday classics.

Supervised by teacher Mr. Gordon Strick, the Altogethers is the first school oriented a cappella group in ten years, the last one headed by music department head Mr. Michael Falker. Falker will also help with the new group, suggesting places to find music and pieces to perform.

The group is headed by junior Alina Robin, who originally thought of the idea to start the group. Robin loves music and singing and knows that others do as well; however, she knows that people do not always have time for music and that the old fashioned music often chosen for performance groups is unpopular. Addressing these problems, the Altogethers try not to take up too much of their members’ free time, knowing that sports and other activities often conflict and only meet one day a week, Thursdays, after school. Additionally, they pick music in a more democratic fashion, mostly favoring contemporary music. The big problem with performing contemporary music is that it is so well known. “When we first started, some members were a little unsure about singing alongside someone else with a different harmony part.  But, I’ve already seen them get more confident, so I hope people will keep getting better and more confident singing together,” said Robin.

When the group feels they are ready, they will perform at one of the school’s acoustic coffeehouses, and—with the approval of the faculty and administration—at other school sanctioned events. The Altogethers will also try give back to the community, singing for patients at hospitals and nursing homes. They are not sure whether they will enter competitions yet and plan on seeing how the group feels as a whole before committing to anything. When discussing the club’s future Robin said, “I hope we can make something good out of singing, even if it’s just by making people happy at the places where we perform”.

So, for all the closet Rachel Barrys and shower-singers out there, the Altogethers is a new way to spread some musical joy around the school. Their addition to Walpole High School’s activities gives the school a new musical edge. Hopefully, they are here to stay.