WYBA Rec All Stars


Bobby Rabaioli



Ryan Cisternelli, Rockets- A fast and superior player, Cisternelli is already one of the top players in the league.  His speed allows him to join the fast break and to dribble by defenders.  With his tremendous shooting ability and passing touch, Ryan should be the MVP by a large margin.

 First Team:

Colin Murray, Nets-  With his unique ability to play defense and offense, Murray should have no trouble dominating the league this year.  Murray’s number one fan, his mom, will be a huge motivator while cheering him on every game.

James Smith, Bulls- The consensus #1 overall pick two years in a row, Smith will be leading a Bulls team with extreme depth.  Players will have a tough time guarding Smith with his consistency to bury threes but also has no problem driving right by his defender to the hoop. 

Jack Lavanchy, Heat- Last year, Lavanchy took over a game and led his team out of a hole.  This year, he looks to bring that same physical style of play into the league and carry the Heat all the way to another title.

Aidain Moore, Wizards-  Moore will be one of the most dominating defensive players in the league. Moore should have no trouble gaining rebounds by utilizing his 6′ 5″ stature.  It should be hard for teams to dribble to the paint with him there waiting to swat any lay-up attempt.  With his body type, Moore could possibly break the all time block record in WYBA history.

Colton Mitchell, Mavericks- One of the more emotionally invested players, Mitchell should once again be on a winning team.  Mitchell is one of the better finishers at the rim so expect Mitchell to be one of the hardest players to guard in the league.

 Second Team:

Pete Hoegler, Spurs- After quitting the high school team to play in a more challenging league, Hoegler is a top candidate to be MVP.  He should have no trouble adjusting to physical style of the league as he likes to play in the post.

Rocco Fratassio, Sonics- A smaller player with big heart, Fratassio should lead the Sonics in most offensive statistics.  With his lightning quick speed, opposing guards will be chasing him all over the court.

Steve Phelan, 76ers-  One of the more underrated players in the league,  Phelan is one of the few players who will play both offense and defense.  Phelan is a guard who will get right up in your face and steal or reject any pass/shot attempt.

Drew Naismith, Celtics-  The smoothest stroke in the league, Naismith is going to light up the three point line after last year where it seemed he hit all of his shots. He is a team player and will need the players around him to step up their games and give him the ball.

Brendan Chaisson, Nuggets-  Known more for his trash talking, Chaisson will be both a force of the court and in your mind.  He will be ruthless with his talk as he’ll do anything to get his team the win.