WYBA High School Rec Power Rankings Week 4


Michael Greulich

Power rankings

1. Magic (7-0) – After starting off their season playing against some weak teams, the Magic are finally proving that they belong at the top of the power rankings. Led by the sharpshooting of Nick “nightwing “ Ferguson and Will Walker, the Magic are dangerous from anywhere on the court. If Mark Demarais can find a way to get his ego in check, then this team will be able to make a deep run into the playoffs.  But for the time being, it is unclear whether this team has what it takes to take the championship.  They take on two very underrated teams, the Lakers (2-4-1) and the Knicks (3-4), this weekend.


2. Celtics (7-0) – The only other undefeated team this late in the season, the Celtics thrive from beyond the arc.  Lead by Junior Drew Naismith, who has yet to score less than 15 points in a game all season, the Celtics can not only outscore teams but also have emerged as one of the best defensive teams in the league, with Andrew Drogan causing trouble for opposing teams on both ends of the court.  They will be put to the test this weekend when they take in the Nets (5-2) and the 76ers (4-4).


3. Nuggets (6-2) – The Nuggets are starting to look like serious contenders for the title this year.  Although they do not the same perfect record as either the Magic or the Celtics, they are the highest scoring team in the league by almost 100 points.  Brendan Chaisson is one of the best players in the league, and when combined with Liam Kelliher, the two are almost unstoppable.  But the team’s real strength comes from their defensive star, Stephen Lynch, the sneakiest player in the league.  They should coast through the weekend as they take on the 76ers (4-4) and the Heat (2-5-1).


4. Nets (5-2) – The Nets are another one of those teams that seem to have everything going for them.  With Senior Colin Murray leading the way, the Nets can run with any team in the league, and Anthony Esdale is as good a right hand man as any.  Furthermore, Jake Celentano’s height is a huge asset for the team under the boards, making the Nets one of the most well rounded teams in the league.  They take on the Celtics (7-0) and the 76ers (4-4) this weekend.


5. Mavericks (4-4) – Everyone doubted the Mavericks at the beginning of the season, believing that the team lacked both the skills and the leadership to succeed.  But Colton Mitchell has completely silenced anybody who doubted the team, stepping up to become the leader that the Mavericks desperately needed.  Thomas Heffernan and Jack Donnelly provide the skills that the Mavericks need to compete with any team in the league.  They should have no problems defeating the Knicks (3-4) this weekend, but the team will be put to the ultimate test when they take on the Celtics (7-0) on Sunday night.


6. 76ers (4-4) – The 76ers were an early favorite this season, as coach Pete Mirabile was able to piece together another solid team in the draft.  They have yet to live up to expectations however, and it is unclear whether they have to skills to make a run for the championship or if they will remain in the middle of the pack.  Matt Toti appears to be the leader of the team as he is the loudest one on the court, but it is clear to anyone who has played them it is really Senior Steve Phelan calling the shots.  It is still unclear whether or not the Morey brothers know what a foul is, as no matter what the call they have a complaint about it.  Hopefully they will get a better grasp on the game this weekend as they take one the Nuggets (6-2) and the Nets (5-2).


7. Sonics (3-4) – The Sonics are one of the most athletic teams in the league, but they have yet to prove whether or not they can translate this athleticism into wins on the court.  With Brian Jackowski leading the way and the combination of Rocco Frattasio, Bergomi Francois, and Jerry Louis backing him up, this team clearly has the skills necessary to win; it’s just a matter of putting it all together.  They should have no trouble as they take on the Wizards (2-5) and the Spurs (1-6) this weekend.


8. Knicks (3-4) – The Knicks have puzzled many rec league analysts this year as they have failed to live up to expectations.  On paper, they are one of the best teams in the league, with the trio of Chris Bender, Timmy McNamara, and Ben Sacco.  But they have not been able to succeed on the court the way most people thought that they would.  Facing off against the Mavericks (4-4) and the Magic (7-0) this weekend, it looks like they will not be moving any higher in the standings this weekend.


9. Lakers (2-4-1) – The Lakers have struggled so far this season, and it doesn’t look like things are going to change anytime soon.  They are led by a strong core, composed of Joey Daaboul, Frankie Welter, and Matt “liberal” Brownsword, but lack the supporting cast necessary to win.  If it were up to Brownsword, everyone would be a winner.  But unfortunately for him, that’s not the way thing are done in this league.  They take on the Magic (7-0) and the Bulls (2-6) this weekend.


10. Heat (2-5-1) – The heat started off the season with the worst record in the league, but they have recently proved that they have the ability to put together a win.  Although it is unlikely that they make a run in the playoffs, it would be foolish to completely write this team off.  Jack Lavanchy is one of the best underclassman in the league, and with the athleticism of Seamus Ford at his side, it’s hard to stop them from scoring.  Furthermore, Senior Harrison Berkland is a strong leader on the court and if anyone has the ability to right the ship, it’s him.  The Heat take on the Rockets (1-6) and the Nuggets (6-2) this weekend.


11. Bulls (2-6) – The Bulls took a huge blow last week as rumors began to circulate that star player James Smith had had enough with the disappointing squad.  If this proves to be true, then the Bulls season could very well be over.  Bryan Kelleher and Sofoklis Gourdoukis are both highly skilled player, but without Smith this team doesn’t have anyone capable of being a leader.  The have the chance to get a win or two this weekend as they take on the Spurs (1-6) and the Lakers (2-4-1).


12. Spurs (1-6) – Somewhere in Walpole, Coach Joe Weinacht is kicking himself.  He made the very controversial decision this offseason to pass on his go to man, Jon Rockwood, and instead risked it all on rookies Peter Hoegler and Bobby Rabaioli.  And now halfway through the season, it is safe to say that he made the wrong choice.  Rabaioli has done his best to compensate for the lack of production out of Hoegler, but in this league, one man cannot win on his own.  They take on the Bulls (2-6) and the Sonics (3-4) this week.


13. Rockets (1-6) – It looks like the door is starting to close on the Rockets’ opportunity to make anything of their season.  Ryan Cisternelli is one of, if not the best, shooter in the league, and on the rare occasion that he misses Jon Rockwood is there to put it back up.  But they lack the depth necessary to be a great team, and so when Cisternelli and Rockwood are not on the court, things fall apart.  They look to pick up a win or two this weekend as they take on the Heat (2-5-1) and the Wizards (2-5).


14. Wizards (2-5) – There is really nothing good to say about the Wizards, as it is apparent to everyone that they cannot compete with the other teams in the league.  Aidan Moore and Brendan Sullivan have done everything they can to try to save this failing team, but at this point in the season it would take a miracle to turn things around.  They hope to get an upset this weekend as they take on the Sonics (3-4) and the Rockets (1-6).