WYBA Power Rankings Week 5


Bobby Rabaioli

Power rankings



1. Magic (8-1)- The Magic have finally lost their first game of the year after the Knicks beat them 50-49 this past weekend.  This loss will not derail the Magic on their quest for a championship as Mark Demarias, Nick Ferguson and Will Walker look to be a trio to carry them all the way.  The Magic hope to get back on track this weekend against the Celtics (7-2) and 76ers (6-4).

2. Nets (6-3)- Colin Murray has been on top of his game lately— leading the Nets to multiple wins over the Celtics and 76ers this past weekend.  Brenden Croaks’ coaching security has been a toss-up but with the recent wins, he looks to be safe now.  Look for Croak to continue his recent success against the Heat (4-5-1) and Wizards (2-7).

3. Celtics(7-2)- It was a rough weekend for the previous undefeated Celtics. Two straight losses after a 7-0 start is never a good sign, but do not count this team out. Drew Naismith and Kevin are the leaders of this team and will be looking to take their squad this weekend;  they’ll tip off against the Magic (8-1) and Lakers (3-5-1).

4. 76ers (6-4)- Matt “Sensitive” Toti has become a leader for a team still looking for an identity, but has only been effective for 3 minute stretches.  Coach  Mirabile has done his best to control all the dwarfs, but their lack of skill to rebound the ball will bring them trouble coming down the stretch.  Mirabile needs to stop basking in his high school glory day and learn how to control his players.  It will not be any easier this weekend against the Mavericks (6-4) and Magic (8-1).

5. Nuggets(6-4)- Without Brendan Chaisson, the Nuggets cannot score or play defense.  With Chaisson’s inability to even show up to either of his team’s games this weekend, the team lost to the 76ers and had to forfeit against the Heat.  This weekend against the Wizards (2-7) and Spurs (2-7), the Nuggets hope for Chaisson to show up so the losses do not pile up.

6. Mavericks(6-4)- Colton Mitchell and Jack Donnelly led the Mavericks to big wins over the Knicks and Celtics this past weekend.  With Thomas Heffernan playing a minor part in the team, the Mavericks have raised their rankings.  The 76ers (6-4) and Heat (4-5-1) will be tough matchups for a team seeing if they can continue their recent success.

7.Heat(4-5-1)- The Heat are scorching hot and have extended their winning streak to a modest three.  Jack Lavanchy, who has received the rep as a dirty player for his antics while the other team is at the free throw line, has stepped up big.  Seamus Ford and Lavanchy look to bring the heat to the Nets (6-3) and Mavericks (6-4) this weekend.

8.Knicks(4-5)- The Knicks continued their ups and downs last weekend by losing to the Mavericks, but defeating the Magic.  Tim McNamara has played a key role in the resurgence of the Knicks with his ability to play strong defense and dunk the ball.  Watch for dunks against the Lakers (3-5-1) and Bulls (4-6).

9. Sonics(4-4)-  A team’s attitude usually is portrayed through the coach.  The Sonics might just have one of the worst attitudes in the league after star player Bergomi Francois was suspended and Matt Ordway was ejected from separate games this weekend.  An attitude adjustment will be needed this weekend against the Bulls (4-6) and Rockets (2-7).

10. Bulls(4-6)- The Bulls seem to be on roll after the comeback of James Smith.  Smith has led his team to two victories with the help of the lengthy Bryan Kelleher and Kyle Gaughan.  Their superior size and strength should help them make a deep run come playoff time.  First though, they have games against the Sonics (4-4) and Knicks (4-5)

11. Lakers(3-5-1)- Big Frankie Welter scored 38 out of his team’s 51 points last Sunday, but it was not enough as they fell to the bulls by one.  The Lakers might have wasted a draft pick on Matt Brownsword who consistently misses games to hang out with girls at Spot or go “skiing”.  The matchups will not get any easier this weekend against the Knicks (4-5) and Celtics (7-2).

12. Spurs(2-7)- The Spurs have picked up some steam this weekend after defeating a Sonics team without their best player.  Jack Stedman and CJ Weinacht have picked up the load from behind the arc which led to the offensive outburst.  The offensive will need to keep up the consistency if they want maintain the little hope they have for a championship this weekend against the Rockets (2-7) and Nuggets (6-4).

13. Rockets(2-7)-  Matt Kadlick, DJ Villa and Jon Rockwood have done nothing but disappoint so far year.  All three were supposed to reasons why the Rockets win, but rather they have turned out to be reasons for why they lose.  The Rockets will need to make some personnel change to surround superstar Ryan Cisternelli with some talent. This weekend, Cisternelli will be carrying the load against the Spurs (2-7) and Sonics (4-5).

14. Wizards(2-7)- Easily the worst team in the league has lost to everyone by more than double digits it seems.  It especially seems that Brendan Sullivan would rather be playing FIFA than support his teammates.  Things do not look to good this weekend when they play against the Nuggets (6-4) and Nets (6-3).