WYBA Power Rankings Week 6


Bobby Rabaioli

Power rankings

1. Nuggets (9-4) – The Nuggets are the best team in the league when they have Brendan Chaisson taking the ball up the court.  Without him, they have lost all their games.  With back court mate Liam Kelleher, Chaisson should have no trouble leading the Nuggets to a strong end to the season.  This weekend, the Bulls (5-8) and Nets (7-4) look to knock off the new number one team in rec.

2. Magic (10-2) – Only winning two out of their last four games raises some eyebrows, especially since the two losses were against significantly weaker opponents.  Nick ‘Night Hawk’ Ferguson and Mark Demarais have played mediocre at best lately, while Will Walker and the Ross brothers have been carrying the load.  The Magic might have already beaten the Nuggets this year, but that was a game without Nuggets’ star Brendan Chaisson at his best.  The Magic look forward to a strong end to their season because without it, they could find themselves being upset in the first round of the playoffs.  It all begins this weekend against the Sonics (5-6) and Spurs (5-7).

3. 76ers (9-4) – The hottest team in the league just happens to be the team with no labeled ‘superstar’ on their roster.  The 76ers are winners of five straight wins behind tremendous defensive effort from Steve Phelan and offensive effort from Matt Toti.  Coach Mirable has done a terrific job in controlling his players’ emotions and looks forward to a strong end to their season that starts this weekend against the Celtics (8-4) and Bulls (5-8).

4. Nets (7-4) – The Nets seem to be the biggest question mark out of the top teams in the league.  They have feasted on weaker opponents but have yet to gain a signature when against a top tier opponent.  Colin Murray has been the best player in the league with the help of Justin Ferre, who both have given troubles to opposing teams with their speed.  Look for the Nets to steamroll the Rockets (2-10) and go for their signature win this Sunday against the Nuggets (9-4).

5. Celtics (8-4) – The Celtics players have seem to not only quit on the team, but each other.  Last Saturday, only four players showed up for their late game which resulted in a 7th grader filling in the last spot.  Drew Naismith has been big for the Celtics and needs to continue his success from behind the arc if the Celtics want to break this bad streak they have going for them.  Even with a win against a James Smith-less Bulls team, the Celtics need to see their play improve against the 76ers (9-4) and Heat (5-6-1) if they want to have any momentum before the playoffs.

6. Heat (5-6-1) – The roller coaster season continues for Jack Lavanchy and the Heat as they managed to defeat the Magic, but only lose to the Lakers.  Lavanchy might be a dirty player, but his inconsistency from game to game might cost the Heat a chance at winning it all.  Also, Seamus Ford already seems to be focusing in on the lacrosse season and potentially miss future games.  If the Heat were to lose to the Knicks (6-6) and Celtics (8-4) this weekend, look them to totally collapse.

7. Mavericks(7-5)- It was a rough weekend for the Mavericks who beat the worst team in the league, the Wizards, only by four points and lost to the red hot Spurs.  Jack Donnelly’s recent play has been holding back the overall potential of the team.  With the help of Colton Mitchell and Thomas Heffernan the Mavericks will be a force down the stretch.  If the team comes out with a new attitude, you will see the Mavericks win this weekend against the Wizards (2-10) and Rockets (2-10).

8. Knicks (6-6) – The Knicks are the most improved team since the first game of the year.  In the first game, they lost to Celtics by thirty.  But after hard work and dedication to the game, the Knicks have turned their games into the right direction and ended up beating the Celtics this past weekend.  Timmy McNamara has been a dominant low post figure for his team and needs to continue to dunk the ball in the basket since he is taller than everyone else in the league this weekend against the Heat (5-6-1) and Wizards (2-10).

9. Spurs (5-7) – The Spurs have finally gelled together and are playing their best basketball of the season.  Winners of four straight, the Spurs’ offensive and defensive games have been fueled by the guard play of Jack Stedman and CJ Weinacht.  Their next two games will be tough without big man Pete Hoegler who has decided to get his wisdom teeth out.  They look to extend their win streak against the Lakers (4-7-1) and Magic (10-2).

10 Sonics (5-6) –  Bergomi Francois, Brian Jackowski and Rocco Frattasio have all but done everything in their powers to help the Sonics win.  The Sonics are a very interesting team since they do not have a weak player on their roster.  If the Sonics can get it together, they will be competing for a championship by the end of the season.  This weekend they will play the Magic (10-2) and Lakers (4-7-1).

11. Bulls (5-8) – So far this year, the Bulls have overachieved and already reached their potential.  James Smith has been a good player for them, when he shows up, but other than that the Bulls have no offensive consistency.  Scoring a putrid 31 points on Sunday against the Celtics has to make their coaches shake doubt their ability to win another game.  The offensive game will need to pick up against the Nuggets (9-4) and 76ers (9-4).

12. Lakers (4-7-1)- Finally, first round pick Matt Brownsword showed up to a game.  His presence did command attention, but the Lakers still found themselves splitting the games last weekend against the 76ers and Heat.  But once again Brownsword will miss more games this weekend for peculiar reasons.  It will be up to Frankie Welter and WBZ’s own Joey Daaboul to carry the load this weekend against the Spurs (5-7) and Sonics (5-6).

13. Rockets (2-10) – The Rockets have become bad enough where star player Ryan Cisternelli demanding a trade to the Magic.  Jon Rockwood was drafted to help Cisternelli win games, but has only fallen short with his short temper and inability to catch or shoot.  The Rockets will be digging themselves into a deeper hole this weekend when they play the Nets (7-4) and Mavericks (7-5).

14. Wizards (2-10) – There might be hope for the Wizards.  In a change of events, Brendan Sullivan has turned off the Xbox and finally shown up to a game.  With Sullivan’s tenacity to get rebounds and Matt Tosone’s shooting ability, the Wizards will be a tougher opponent than before.  If Sullivan plays well, the Wizards will have a chance against the Mavericks (7-5) and Knicks (6-6).