Porkers Open Season with Win

Taylor Gilmore

  Walpole High Field Hockey had their first game of the season on Tuesday, September 7 against Braintree. After many preseason practices and scrimmages against Canton and Watertown in the past weeks, the Porkers took the field and were ready to win.

  Within the first ten minutes of the game, senior Caroline Malone scored two goals while teammates Lauren Whitmore, senior, and junior Meaghan Murphy followed with goals of their own. The Porkers were dominating the game and it showed as everyone was energetic and excited. Freshmen Brooke Matherson and Caroline Feeley scored their first goals of their high school career towards the end of the first half. A corner was called as time ran out and Feeley added another goal. This ended the half with a score of 7-0, Porkers on top.  

  Everyone was on their feet cheering for their new teammates during the second half, as everyone got a chance to play different positions than usual because Braintree only had one shot on net. Senior Mollie McLaughlin scored with six minutes left in the game, making the final score 8-0 Walpole.

  This season looks very promising for the Porkers if they keep their composure for upcoming games that will prove to be more of a challenge, like Weston and Wellesley. Judging by this win, the Porkers have taken the first step to say that they are a cut above the rest and to continue their success for another year.