Rebellion Tournament Challenge


This is the second year of the Rebellion’s Tournament Challenge.

Michael Fortin

This is the second year of the Rebellion's Tournament Challenge.
This is the second year of the Rebellion’s Tournament Challenge.


March is here, and with the month that comes out like a lion comes March Madness, the 68 team college basketball tournament that captivates the sport’s world attention. People everywhere, whether they are a complete novice in terms of college basketball or could name the last 20 All-American teams, fill out brackets and compete in competitions with each other, some for bragging rights, some for money.

This year, the Rebellion is inviting its readers to join them in our second ever Rebellion Tournament Challenge, and the winner gets a 25 dollar gift certificate to Rico’s, the famous local restaurant. There is no entry fee, and all you need to do is join the Tournament Challenge Group “The Rebellion” on to enter. Fill out your bracket and join by Thursday, March 20 for a chance to win!

The rules are espn’s standard rules, which give a certain amount of points for each correct game for the first round, and then that amount doubles for each of the following rounds. If two or more people are tied at the end, then the person with the most correct games will win. If still tied after that, the money will go to the person who had the most correct first round games.

If you can not tel the difference between Jabari Parker or CJ Fair (or have no idea who either of these guys are) do not worry!  Senior Bobby Rabaioli, Mike Greulich, Peter Hoeglar and Michael Fortin will be providing in-depth analysis for each of the regions once the bracket comes out as well as showing you our brackets, which you may use as a template.

If you do not have an espn account, you can set one up. It is easy and takes about five minutes, and then all you have to do is click on this link: Rebellion Tournament Challenge, join the group, and fill out the bracket. It’s that easy, and with no entry fee, the prize of a 25 dollar gift certificate to Rico’s and the bragging rights that come with beating your peers, what have you got to lose? Join Today!