National Honors Society Induction, May 14, 2014


Max Simons

The National Honors Society held its annual student induction ceremony on Wednesday, May 14.  The night started with the seniors presenting their Special Educator Speeches, where each senior spoke for about two minutes about an educator who had special impact on his or her life.  Next, the juniors were inducted — an induction ceremony where Mike McKeon and Hannah Mullen announced each inductee’s name.  The inductee then walked on stage where an outgoing senior greeted him or her.  The juniors took the senior’s seat, while the seniors walked offstage.  The night concluded with the election of the NHS officers for the next year: Junior Scott Mclean was elected president; Katie Smith and Liam McDonough, Co-Vice Presidents; Dimos Katsaros, Historian; and Katie Trudell, Secretary.

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