Costa Rican Exchange Students Visit Walpole High School


Ellie Kalemkeridis

Every two years, Walpole High School participates in a foreign exchange program with a school from Costa Rica. This year, the Costa Ricans arrived on Monday, December 29 from Palmares, Costa Rica and departed on Tuesday, January 13. There are 17 exchange students and families participating along with their Costa Rican English teachers Crisia Fernández and Lidio Castillo. The program is run by Mr. Sturges, Mrs. Bacon, and Ms. Flaherty and occurs ever other year. The Costa Ricans went to New York City, ice skated at the Pirelli Veteran’s Arena in Franklin, presented to language classes, visited Boston, and went tubing at Nashoba Valley. The program lets the students experience an entirely different culture to compare to their own. In July of this summer, Walpole High students will travel to Palmares, Costa Rica.

Written by Hiromi Kondo