Coach David Wall Does it All


David Moser

Coach David Wall stands ready at first base during Walpole’s 4-0 loss to Norwood on  (Photo/Cam Johnson).


   Head Coach William Tompkins has deservedly received much of the praise for turning an under-performing regular season 12-8 team into a playoff contender; however, one other person on the coaching staff has gone largely overlooked.  This coach has been the common denominator for three Herget Championships this year as an assistant coach for Rebel Football, Boys Basketball, and Boys Baseball. Recently, he has also received the head coaching job for Walpole’s girls varsity basketball team.

In short, Assistant Coach David Wall does it all.

    ¨Wall has brought a lot of intensity to the team. He is always fired up whenever big plays are made or when big hits happen,¨ said senior baseball captain Kevin Quinn. “His passion helps keep everyone loose and focused on the game.”

   For baseball, Coach Wall not only coaches and works with outfielders, but he is also the first base coach.  Whether he waves players on to second or signals players to steal or not, his keen readiness during the games allows him to easily communicate with his players for the best course of action.

      In the first playoff game on June 4, Walpole Baseball defeated Barnstable 2-0 in the preliminary round.  In the second game on June 8, they defeated Taunton 4-2 in the Division 1 Eastern Sectional Quarter-Finals game. On Wednesday, June 10, the Rebels took on rival Norwood at Braintree High School to compete in the Division 1 Eastern Sectional Semifinals. Despite getting a lot of men on base throughout the game, they were left stranded.  Walpole went scoreless and lost 4-0.

    “Throughout the season, Coach Wall’s energy was a key factor to the team’s success.  His love for the game and the players he coaches made him a tremendous addition to the coaching staff” said baseball Head Coach, William Thompkins.

     In addition to baseball, he is the defensive back coach for football, which went 11-1 and were Herget league champions, the head coach of Walpole’s boys junior varsity basketball team, and one of the assistant coaches for Walpole’s boys varsity basketball 15-7 team.  Coach Wall is also involved with the summer Rebel Hoop basketball camps and the baseball Extra Bases camps.

    “Coach Wall is a big reason for why the basketball program has been very successful the last three years.  As JV coach, he prepares his players for varsity by working them hard, treating them fair, and teaching them the skills they need.  During varsity games, the guys can count on him for advice on how to handle different situations” said boys basketball Head Coach, David St. Martin.

  Before he was in Walpole, he grew up in Braintree, Massachusetts where he played football, basketball and baseball. He later continued to play football at Bridgewater State College.

     “He’s young and very understanding. He played all the same sports I do, so we can really relate to each other,” said Charlie Auditore, sophomore at Walpole High School who has been coached by Coach Wall for football, basketball, and baseball.

           At Johnson Middle School, Coach Wall has also been the Physical Education (PE) teacher for the past three years.  Before Coach Wall arrived at Johnson Middle School, Barry Greener was the PE teacher along with Johanna Madge.  Mr. Greener’s classes had a focus on an old-school type of PE with an emphasis on seasonal sports and the Boston College (or BC) workout that featured daily pushups and sit up type workouts.

   When Coach Greener retired from teaching, Coach Wall took his position at Johnson Middle School in the fall of 2012. Coach Wall followed the same curriculum for Physical Education class, but at the same time, was able to bring his own style and teach physical education in his own way.

“He has an enthusiastic personality that the students and staff can really relate to,” said Ms. Madge.

  Even though success in sports is one of Coach Wall’s goals for his players and students, it is not the main one. 

          “The main thing I want to happen each season, is for my athletes to get an understanding of how hard work and dedication can lead to success in not only sports but anything else they choose to do,”said Mr. Wall. ¨I want my players leaving each season with a larger understanding of work ethic, dedication, and commitment to goals.”