Johnson Students Present Annual Spring Thing


Mr. O’Leary participates in the annual “Spring Thing” lip synch battle (Photo/Jess Giffen)

Kayla Frost

As a way to showcase the talent of the students, Johnson Middle School hosted their annual “Spring Thing” on May 21. Run by Johnson Middle School aide and drama teacher Diana Dent, the show consisted of twenty seven acts ranging from singing and dancing to stand up comedy.

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(Gallery/ Jess Giffen and Maggie Conley)

The show began with group singalong to “I Gotta Feeling.” The first act was an Indian Dance by Tanya Gupta and Vrinda Iyer, followed by various acts of singing and dancing, including a flute solo by eighth grader Smera Gora.

“I felt really good on-stage,” said Gora.

There was then an original stand up comedy act by eighth grader, Ayla Stasiukevicius, and the student and staff “Lip Sync Battle,” which included Mr. John O’Leary, and students Ethan Colgan, Toshak Patel and Griffin Wilkins.

After intermission, Mairead Morgan and Hailey Lowenstein performed an original skit entitled “Teenagers.” To conclude the show, the staff act showcased JMS teachers dancing to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off.”

Griffin Wilkins, JMS eighth grader, participated in five separate acts, ranging from a vocal solo of “I’m Feelin’ Good,” to a tap dance feature.

“It is a little sad because this is my last time on stage,” said Wilkins.

The show not only involved students at JMS, but also friends and families of participants who come to enjoy the performances.

“I like to see the different personalities that are at this school and brought out here in the talent show,” said eighth grader and audience member Natalie Buckley.

Throughout the show, the “Spring Thing” gave participants a comfortable environment and a group of friends.

“When you are out there with your friends, it makes it fun, and you know there is a family behind you to back you up,” said eighth grade participant Elizabeth Anderson.

Although Mrs. Dent is retiring from the play and the “Spring Thing,” English teacher Stephanie Feinberg will continue the tradition.  Mrs. Dent said, “I am so proud of the kids and I hope they know I love them.”