The Revival of Drama Club

Sabrina Dorronsoro

            Walpole High School drama club kicked off their performance season with the highest attendence for a fall play since the renovation of the high school auditorium.  A record 190 people showed up to support The Walpole High School Player’s The Mouse That Roared, which raises expectations for the rest of this year’s drama club productions. 

            “The only organization that gets less attendance than the music department is the drama club” says Music Director Michael Faulker the day of the big performance. “If 200 people show up tonight, the drama club will drop dead of shock.”  December 12th’s performance sure was a shock to all involved with drama in the past.  Last year’s audience for Anne of Green Gables consisted of approximately 100 people – an average for all the previous fall plays.  The increase in size of the drama club must have contributed to this larger than usual audience.

            The turn out for auditions this fall seemed to be the usual drama kids – the veterans and about three new freshmen.  However, five minutes before the audition actually started Senior Lorraine D’sa ran up the staircase and barged into the room shouting “wait until you see all the freshmen!” Just as she said this about twenty freshmen kids walked into the room ready to audition.  This was a pleasant surprise to the usually small drama club and guaranteed that the drama club would still have active members once this year’s sophomores graduate.

            Regardless of how or why the show was so successful, the Walpole High School players were thrilled with the turn out for the fall play and hope to see even more people come to this winter’s musical.