Tobey Takes over as Assistant Principal


Lee Tobey takes a break from work in her newly decorated office on September 16 (Photo/Kaitlin Brown).

Melanie Weber

Lee Tobey takes a break from work in her newly decorated office on September 16 (Photo/Kaitlin Brown).
Lee Tobey takes a break from work in her newly decorated office on September 16 (Photo/Kaitlin Brown).

When asked what she hopes to achieve as assistant principal at Walpole High School, Lee Tobey facetiously responded “total world domination.” On a more serious note, she stated that her true mission is to make a significant impact on students’ lives.

Following Edward Connor’s departure to become Bird Middle School’s Assistant Principal last year, Superintendent Lincoln Lynch appointed Tobey as the new vice principal.

Since she was first hired at WHS in July of 2004, Tobey has had a knack for making students feel comfortable in her classroom. During her first ten years teaching the courses United States History I and Street Law, she has encouraged her students to enjoy learning.

“Mrs. Tobey genuinely cares about the well-being of her students, and her warm personality enables students to feel much more comfortable around the school,” said junior Nathaniel Kelley.

During her time as a history teacher, Tobey developed individual relationships with each of her students and taught them life lessons that will be valuable long past high school years. “She did not only teach us the history curriculum, but she taught us the importance of being better people and trying our hardest,” said junior Emily O’Connell.

Although the transition from history teacher to assistant principal is challenging, both Tobey and her students are embracing her new role.

“We will definitely miss Mrs. Tobey in the classroom, but we know that she will do great things in administration,” said junior Chris Donnelly.

Tobey has become occupied with her many responsibilities around the school, such as handling student discipline, conducting parent conference meetings, planning school improvements, and observing teachers in the classroom. “Mr. Hand and I take care of all of the things that are taken for granted—both the good and the bad,” said Tobey.

Along with the respect Tobey offers to every student, she also brings a sense of humor to administration. When asked what her favorite part about the job was, Tobey responded “the air conditioning.” All jokes aside, she truly enjoys being able to deal with students on different levels. “Solving student issues are like puzzles, and I love doing puzzles,” said Tobey.

 Members of the school have responded positively to Tobey as she settles into her role as assistant principal. Although she has not yet exactly achieved “total world domination,” Tobey has implemented a refreshing sense of humor as well as a strong connection to the students at the school.