Gallery: Fall Pep Rally on Turco Brings Together All Students


Ellie Kalemkeridis

For the last two years, the Walpole High School Student Council held the Fall Pep Rally in the Walpole High Gymnasium, which could only accommodate two classes of students at once.  Hence, there were essentially two pep rallies each year: one for Freshmen and Juniors, one for Sophomores and Seniors.  This year though, the WHS Student Council held the Fall Pep Rally for entire student body in the bleachers of Turco Field on Friday, October 9.  After the band played the National Anthem, the Student Council organized a number of events to help unify the student body, events such as relay races, a jousting event and the balloon pop.  

Photos by Cam Johnson, Max Simons and Mandy Scully. Written by Mandy Scully. 

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