Crime Spree Plagues Walpole Residents


Melanie Weber

Since October, Walpole and nearby towns have experienced a series of two different crimes—car and residential break-ins. Although these crimes are happening in the same time frame, the  Walpole  Police Department does not  believe  they are  linked. However, both types of break-ins have something in common—they are most likely fueled by drug addiction.

“Crime in Walpole, whether it is shoplifting or theft, is an entrance being broken, so these crimes are most likely a result of drugs,” said Chief of Walpole Police John Carmichael, “because the people involved are looking for pills, cash, and jewelry that they can pawn and get some money to fuel their drug habits.”

On the night of Sunday, October 11, over twenty Walpole vehicles were broken into, and an additional two cars were stolen. These stolen vehicles were involved in seperate car chases through Braintree. On Thursday, October 15, the Brockton police contacted Walpole police regarding a police pursuit where one car passed and cut off a school bus in Brockton. The officer chased the vehicle, which eventually crashed in Braintree. The resulting foot chase led to the arrest of two individuals.

Two hours later, the Brockton police ran another license plate on a different vehicle which was originally stolen from Walpole. The car crashed in Brockton, and officers arrested the four teens in the car.

Both cars stolen from Walpole were damaged, and police arrested a total of six individuals.

“It is still a very active investigation, but the bottom line is that these people were stealing cars, bringing them back to Brockton, and renting them out to people,” Carmichael said.

Officers are still trying to determine if the people who stole the cars  were the same people in the cars during the pursuits.

The police have also discovered that in each car break-in case, the victims’ cars were unlocked, and many had left their keys in the cars.

Aside from the car burglaries, there have been numerous residential burglaries. These break-ins  are occurring specifically in East Walpole, typically between 8 a.m. and noon, unlike the motor vehicle break-ins that are occurring at night. The suspects are stealing money and jewelry, as well as prescription pharmaceuticals.

“These types of break-ins are called ‘boot jobs’ where people go in, kick the door down, and go rummaging through the house to find anything valuable,” said Carmichael.

Six additional individuals have been arrested due to residential break-ins.

“It was really surprising that they kicked the door down and broke in, in broad daylight when nobody was home. We live in a populous neighborhood so it was shocking that nobody heard,” said an anonymous East Walpole victim.

“Sometimes in Walpole there is a level of complacency where people think, ‘I’m in Walpole, it’s a safe community,’” said Carmichael, “although Walpole is safe, crime still happens here, and sometimes we get too lax in thinking we are not going be victimized by a crime.”

To further prevent any possible break ins, officers recommend that Walpole citizens lock and alarm their cars and houses. Liberty Locksmith of Calgary can help of you are willing to change the locks at home or at work. In addition, the police need the community’s help in reporting any suspicious activity.