Freshman Griffin Wilkins Joins Electric Youth Tour


Wilkins performs as Doody in “Grease.”

Melanie Weber

Wilkins performs as Doody in "Grease."
Wilkins performs as Doody in “Grease.”

While most freshmen focus on their school’s academics and extracurriculars to find their niche within their school community, Griffin Wilkins ventures outside of Walpole High to pursue his dreams. Wilkins devotes 20 hours a week to singing, dancing, and acting with an ensemble called Electric Youth (EY)—a professional group of young performers presenting high energy shows both locally and internationally. EY is preparing to tour Europe for two and a half weeks this upcoming summer.

“Griffin has talent, but more importantly, he has a professional attitude, a willingness to work hard, and an innate sense of character and staging. He’s the whole package,” said Diana Dent, his Johnson Middle School play director.

Wilkins, like the other members, trains at the Franklin School of Performing Arts (FSPA) where he takes dance, voice, and acting classes. All of these classes make Wilkins’ weeks hectic, as he spends about four hours each day and 5 days each week at FSPA.

“Training for my shows is long and tiring, but it is all worth it for what I love to do,” said Wilkins.

Every year, EY travels through different countries in Europe, stopping in multiple towns and cities to perform and go sightseeing. This year, the tour will stop in Austria, Italy, and possibly Germany.

Performing on stage is not foreign for Wilkins: he has been performing on stage since 2007 when he participated in the Irish step dance Christmas show, “Christmas Celtic Sojourn.” Griffin has also played roles in several productions such as Captain Hook in “Peter Pan Jr.” and Doody in “Grease.”

Griffin and his EY group will depart on June 25 for their European concert tour.